Monday, September 29, 2008

Emily Ballerina

Today I made a Halloween costume for one of my dogs, Emily.  Our other dog, Cara, gets to be a skunk this year :)

I purchased two yards of tulle, one in light pink and the other fuchsia.  The kind I bought had tiny 'crystals' all over it and was from JoAnn's.  The fabric cost $16 but if I had gone for a plain tulle it would have been cheaper.  I also bought one yard of elastic and used a little more than half.

First I folded each yard of fabric in half width-wise, therefore keeping it the same length but cutting the width in half.  I repeated this, making the fabric four layers thick.  Next, I cut strips about six inches wide from both the light tulle and the fuchsia tulle.  Each strip needed to be cut apart where it was folded also, creating four strips total.  The strips do not need to be perfect--I didn't even measure.  Just got by what looks right and if you're cutting isn't perfect, it won't be a problem.

two strips of the light pink tulle
I wrapped the elastic around Emily's waist and added about a half of an inch before cutting.  I safety pinned the elastic together end-to-end, creating a loop.

Next, I began wrapping the tulle around the elastic and simply tying knots.  It won't look like a tutu at first, but once the tulle starts bunching up it will take on a really nice shape.  Since I used two colors, I alternated colors for each knot.  There are many variations on this, from using just one solid color to alternating two of one color followed by one piece of another color, etc.

knotting the tulle around the elastic
Keep knotting the tulle around the elastic until you reach the safety pin on each end.  I chose to use a safety pin because I felt that it would be easier to put on and take off if it could open up, instead of trying to slip a tutu around her legs.  If you have a smaller dog, you may be better off stitching the ends together.

looking fluffy!
Now I have an adorable and fairly affordable Halloween costume for Emily--so cute!!
In total, this took under thirty minutes and cost about $17 dollars.  Obviously, much cheaper tulle could have been used for the same effect.  This method could also work for a child's tutu, although the strips may need to be longer and more tulle would be required.

Emily trying on her new tutu:


kellie said...

OMG - this is so cute. In the last photo, you can tell that she's so over it. She's looking at the camera like "ok, fine .. *I'm a pretty ballerina. Look at me twirl.* There, I said it. Can you take this thing off so I can have my cookie now please? kthxbai."

Here's a photo of my dog, Bear's, Halloween torture - I mean costume.

kellie said...

PS - I got the same fabric at Joanns Store last xmas for the homemade potpourri mason jars I made as gifts last year. I saw the pink ones and was *very* tempted to buy them, but they didn't match the look I was going for. So, I got hunter green instead. :)

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