Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I am beyond excited about my new Konad stamp!  I only just recently learned about Konad and wanted to give it a try.  Konad is a nail polish stamping set, basically.  They sell various metal plates with designs embedded on them, as well as special thick polishes and a stamping tool.  I ordered plate m57, as well as the special black polish, the stamping tool, and a scraper.  Basically, you spread your desired polish on the plate, scrape it off with the scraper, then roll the stamping tool over top of the plate -- as fast as possible.  Then roll the stamping tool across your nail and voila! a Konad design.  I also ended up with Konad design all over my skin and cuticles (I cleaned it up with a polish removing pen), so I can see this will take some practice.  I ordered my Konad supplies through OC Nail Art -- I highly recommend checking them out if you're looking for Konad goodies!

These are both the Zebra print section of the stamp, over Zoya 'Brooke.'  As you can see, it is a bit messy -- but I'm still pretty impressed it turned out this well!

My cat happened to be laying in a very nice patch of sunlight, so she became the background.  This is the fishnet section of the plate.  I'm planning on doing all my nails in red with black fishnet for Halloween (I'm dressing as a flapper girl!).


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