Sunday, October 4, 2009

pink, country-chic, and piles of flowers... love.

The way the tree has been integrated into the decor...

light, open, and airy
The centerpieces -- LOVE!  Lanterns with a birdcage feel.  So chic.
the outdoor lounge area, lanterns, and heat laps = fantastic party space
amazing lanterns and 'ceiling' decor... need I say more?
Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am obsessed with birdcages.  I plan to have my collection of birdcages hanging from trees at our wedding, plus my huge shabby-chic cage will be used for collecting cards.
Hydrangeas, my centerpiece flower of choice
pink and polka dots!
love this country feel, plus the watering can centerpiece has been central to my planning for the past few years.
love this!
so beautiful
love the idea, although I'd rather use one handwritten sign and hold it in front of us, not above.

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