Monday, October 26, 2009

Zoya 'Miley'

Zoya 'Miley' is truly the perfect purple. It is light without being too pastel, it has gorgeous grey undertones that make is perfect year-round, and it is a great neutral. The only problem? It took four coats to get that great color! I don't mind painting numerous coats of polish, but I've noticed that some Zoya polishes dry slowly - and this is one of those polishes. Even though it takes a few coats to achieve, the final color of Miley is absolutely gorgeous.

Zoya 'Miley', four coats, topped with Seche Vite


Liz said...

have you ever tried Orly Sec'n Dry topcoat? Even my polishes that normally take forever to dry are almost instantly safe to the touch with that topcoat.

Brooke said...

Hey Liz!! I've never tried that -- I'll pick up a bottle next time I'm out polish shopping. Thanks for the tip :)

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