Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Konad dots!

I used Konad plate m60 on my nails today (over OPI Senorita Rosalita).  I was in a huge rush, so it looks a lot sloppier than it should -- especially since this is a pattern that needs to be perfectly lined up (which I clearly did not do).  I would LOVE if Konad made a polka dot stamp, but this will tide me over until they do.  The dots range from large to small, although this effect is only really seen on my ring fingers and thumbs.  I found this to be a rather difficult stamp to use, not only because it needs to be lined up, but also because I had a lot of trouble getting the image to transfer correctly.  Also, I ended up with an odd line going through the largest row of dots on most of my nails.  Weird!  If I had taken more time, this would have looked much nicer, but I still think it's a fun stamp.

This shot was taken in natural afternoon sunlight (see the lovely fall leaves in the background?)  Senorita Rosalita looks more like the indoor image shown below.


Lucy said...

Like the dots. I don't Konad bur I do love all the amazing things that can be done. Your manicure looks just fine.

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