Thursday, December 3, 2009

China Glaze IDK and DV8

Good evening all!  I wanted to begin with a quick THANK YOU to all of my wonderful followers.  I can't believe there are 50 of you now!!  Thank you all so much for taking the time to check out and comment on my blog.

I really appreciate all of you :)

And now... new polish time!!

China Glaze IDK (purple) and China Glaze DV8 (blue) from the OMG! collection.
Two coats of each (although the blue covered in one).  Both applied smooth and dried LIGHTNING fast.  By lightning fast I mean then dried almost instantly.  I am impressed.
They also both have an amazing holographic effect (especially IDK).  I have never seen any other polish like this!

For my Konad design, I used alternating China Glaze polish in IDK and DV8, followed by Konad plate m63 using the alternating polish colors (IDK on DV8 and vice versa).  I like the one with the blue base better (my ring and pointer finger).  The blue polish seemed to have a harder time 'sticking' to my nails - it wanted to stay on the Konad stamp.

I had read that these polishes worked really well for Konad, which is a huge reason I was so excited to try them.  I feel that IDK was a very good Konad polish (a little thin and fast drying, but applied well), while DV8 dried too fast to work as well as a Konad stamping polish.

And, to say goodnight, a photo of my cats, Abby and Chloe, watching a squirrel scampering on the porch today.  Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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Paige said...

Your cats are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Gildedangel!

Polish Hoarder said...

Haha! I love the picture of the cats!... And I like how you alternated the colors of your manicure! So cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks polish hoarder!! I haven't done the alternating color thing for years, but it's so fun! and it kind of works since the colors are similar shades :)

Lucy said...

Love the manicure and the cat picture.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy :)

Miss Vintage Vogue said...

I love this picture of your cats! That's so precious haha

Unknown said...

Thanks Miss Vintage Vogue!!

I was clearing out photos on my computer today and determined that half are cat/dog pictures, the other half polishes, lol.

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