Saturday, December 5, 2009

China Glaze Ruby Pumps over Black Diamond

I am so excited about my new polishes that I couldn't wait to try another one out.  This is China Glaze Ruby Pumps (part of the new Wizard of Ohh-Ahz) over top of China Glaze Black Diamond.  I really like how the dark base looks.

Please ignore my awful looking hands.  I cut my left finger pretty badly a week ago and have been photography my right hand since.  Oddly, I cut it slicing butter.  The kid I babysit asked the obvious: "Why weren't you using a butter knife?"

Aside from showing you pictures of what I'm doing during my breaks from research, I also wanted to write a second post today to see if my new Twitter feed is working.  And it is!  Check it out here !


Paige said...

That combination looks great! I am sorry about your cut!

Unknown said...

Thanks!! I think I'm going to use this polish on Christmas - it is the perfect glittery red!

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