Saturday, December 26, 2009

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

China Glaze Ruby Pumps
Here is my polish from yesterday (and today!).  I love this one SO MUCH!
It applies beautifully, wears well, and just looks stunning.
This is one of my all-time favorites.

The glitter is amazing!

Can you tell I'm wearing fake nails?  Fing'rs sent me some fun nails that I have been playing around with - so I just painted right over them!  I LOVE having long nails!!

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!!


Alegra Chetti said...

OMG LOve this! Thank you for saving me $ bc I saw a color like this from NARS fpr $16 but now il get this one bc its excatly like the NARS one I wanted~ Happy Holidays :)

AllYouDesire said...

Ruby pumps looks gorgeous with your skin tone!

kelsealaurel said...

Those fake nail look fabulous on you, and I totally couldn't tell they were fake! They look so realistic. Awesome.

Paige said...

This is one of my favorites! I love it!

Unknown said...

Alegra - glad you like it, and glad you found a cheap dupe for the NARS!!

Thank you AllYouDesire!!!

Thanks KelseaLaurel! Im loving having long nails - they are so much fun... except when I'm taking out my contacts - I need to work on that!

Thanks Gildedangel!

Lucy said...

Love Ruby Pumps. Looks gorgeous on you. I need some long nails. I just cut all mine off since I broke one.

Tuli said...

I agree with all you wrote - this color is such a classic ! It's festive, it has perfect not too dark shade, gorgeous gliiter and lots of depth - it's absolutely a beauty !

Unknown said...

Thank you Lucy!! I'm sorry one of yours broke :( That is such a pain when that happens!

Thank you Tuli!! I am in love with it... I've been wearing it since Christmas Eve, but I know I need to take it off soon and start doing some New Year's manis :( lol

Trincess said...

gorgeousness in a bottle =) my favorite red!

Unknown said...

I agree with you Trincess!!

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