Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fing'rs Nails - Edge and Flirt!

I am so excited because Fing'rs sent me all kinds of awesome nail products to try out.  I've been playing around with them for the past week and wanted to show you all how absolutely adorable they are.  Who knew press-on nails could be so much fun?

The first ones I tried out are part of Fing'rs Edge  line of glue or stick-on nails.  They come with nail glue and stick-on tabs.  The nail glue provides up to ten days of wear and the stick-on tabs are just for temporary wear.  I used the nail glue for these and found it worked really well.  I even opened tab-top cat food cans (3 daily!) with my nails and they didn't even budge - I am extremely impressed by that.  I have to admit, I haven't used glue on nails since elementary school - I just never liked the way they looked.  These are so much different than the fake nails I remember from my childhood - I just can't get over how real they look.  They look natural and actually stay on.  I am so impressed!  The french designs look so nice and they are so fun.  The nails were so easy to apply and the designs are really cute.  Each pack has 24 nails, so you can find the perfect size to fit each nail.

I've always had short, thin nails - I think it is a combination of genetics and diet (I'm a vegetarian).  For years (with fills every two weeks!) I wore acrylic nails - where the salon buffs away part of the natural nail and covers it with chemicals.  I finally gave those up three years ago and decided I'd just be stuck with short nails forever.  Enter Fing'rs.  I am just so in love with these nails.  I can have long, beautiful nails without damaging my actual nails - and these are so much more durable too!  Of course, Fing'rs are not just for people who have struggled with short nails forever.  The designs are great and these nails can be worn by anyone who wants fun nail designs that won't chip - and with no dry time!  Fing'rs are so versatile and cute :)

*   *   *

My favorite in the Fing'rs Edge line is the pink argyle.  They are subtle but so fun!  The design is neat, tidy, and so cute.  I got the most compliments on this design of all the nails too :)  I'm wearing this design today!

The french tip is thin and the base is a light pink.

*   *   *
These nails are the edgiest of the Fing'rs Edge nails I tried out.  I realized after I applied all ten nails that I had put the wrong nail on my middle finger - so that is something to watch out for with this design.  With the others I tried out, the designs work for left or right.  But I also think it is cool to have a different accent nail - although I would have preferred to have accidently done it on my ring finger!

The base color on this design looked the most natural to me, and I really liked the pink french design (you know I love pink!).  I think the angled black dot design looks so cool and makes these nails really fun.

*   *   *

The Fing'rs Edge blue check nails are shorter than the other nails - they are a very wearable length.  This length is great for those who want cute, durable nails but don't want the longer length.  While I liked the shorter length, the base color of this style was my least favorite of ones I tried.

*   *   *

Another great thing I discovered about these nails is that the design does not wear off.  I polished my sister's nails the other day, and when I got some polish on my perfectly manicured tip, I just rubbed it off with polish remover -- and my cute Fing'rs design stayed.  Also, I spend a lot of time typing (and we all know that wears away at our nails) and I have not seen any wear on my tips since trying these.  I think that is a GREAT feature, especially for those of us who spend a lot of time on the computer.  I also have done three loads of dishes wearing these, and they still look perfect.  Doing the dishes is the biggest threat to my manis - they ALWAYS chip when I do the dishes - I am really happy with how nice and neat these stay throughout those activities I do everyday.

*   *   *

These nails do not budge - the glue is amazing.  So I decided to try painting them after wearing the french designs for a few days.  They paint really well and when I removed the polish, the nails were as good as new!

Here are some of the ways I painted them:
Maybelline Shooting Stars

*   *   *

Fing'rs also sent me some fun nail stickers.  Aren't they cute?

I LOVE these stickers.  They are flat designs with small rhinestones.  They peel off the sheet just like stickers, and stay put really well (polish remover didn't even remove them!).  The flatter designs did not require a top coat.

The rhinestones are already sticky, so I just removed them with a pair of tweezers, placed them, and topped them with Seche Vite dry fast top coat.  I had a hard time keeping them on my nails without the top coat.

*   *   *

I saw a ton of Fing'rs products at Walmart, and all the designs ranged in price from $5.00-$6.50 per pack.  On the website, they also have polka dot tips which I am desperate to find because I am OBSESSED with polka dots!  The nails are reusable too, which is awesome.  I really enjoyed playing around with these nails and I LOVE the designs.  They are so easy to apply and great to wear.

To learn more about Fing'rs Edge, visit: http://fingrs.com/edge or check out the entire line at Drugstore.com, ULTA, Walmart , CVS , or a variety of other stores.

What do you think of my Fing'rs nails?


Mighty Lambchop said...

Those are all so cute! I love that pink argyle design.
Thanks for sharing these, I may have to look into them. I like the glue tab option to wear them for a night out.
The glue is no good for me because there is no way they'd survive a day at work!

Brooke said...

I love the pink argyle too!! I think the stick-on tabs would be a great idea for just wearing them for a night out or a party - then you can go back to 'work appropriate' nails the next day :) Thanks Mighty Lambchop!!

Brooke said...

I really liked the blue checked ones the best!

MaijuS said...

Pink argyle design is so nice! I love to way you do your nails! So happy to find your blog ;)


Brooke said...

Glad you like them Brooke!!

Thanks Maiju - that is my favorite too!!

gildedangel said...

Those are so cute!

BunnyMasseuse said...

Brooke, how were they to try to take off? I've not tried fake nails so I don't know what would be involved, and I don't want to ruin the ones I have!

Brooke said...

Thanks gilded!!

Bunny - you're supposed to soak them in something (acetone maybe?) to get them off, but I just peeled them off, which wasn't a problem. I used a lot of glue on the ones I'm wearing now and they are not budging. I think I'll need to soak these! They also have press-on tabs that come off really easily though and wouldn't damage your nails.

Niki* said...

Your argyle french is AMAZING. I need to get me to Walmart so I can rock that look right quick!

Brooke said...

Niki, glad you like them!! I love the argyle french too :)

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