Monday, December 28, 2009

My sister's awesome nails (and her cats)

I've been out of town (hence the lack of blog posts) visiting my family for the holidays.  While I've been here, I've talked my mom and sister into polishing with me a few times.  Here are some pictures of my sister's amazing (natural) nails.  We clearly inherited very different nail-genes!

My sister polished with China Glaze Black Diamond and used China Glaze OMG for her Konad design.  This is a kitten she is babysitting named Kobe - he was rescued in October.  Isn't he adorable?  He is so sweet!

She really wanted to get a picture with her cat, Peanut, but Peanut refused to look pretty for the camera - so here is Peanut's back!

This was my sister's Christmas mani.  She used China Glaze OMG for the base, China Glaze Ruby Pumps for the Konad candy cane, and Nicole Really, Really Red for the Konad design.

I have been painting New Year's nails today and yesterday - I'll post some pictures soon!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!


Tuli said...

These are great manicures ! It look like you and your sister had a lot of fun together :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Tuli! It is fun spending time with my family :)

Paige said...

Your sister's nails are gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Thanks gildedangel!!

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