Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OPI Pompeii Purple

New Polish!

I recently placed a polish order and somehow didn't add the one polish I placed the entire order for: China Glaze Recycle.  I'm desperate for this polish!  So I drove to ULTA to see if they had it.  Unfortunately, they didn't -- but they did have a ton of OPI colors, all 'buy two, get one free'.  I also had a $5 off coupon with me, so I ended up picking up three OPI polishes for $12.50 total!

Pompeii Purple is a polish I've been on the fence about the ages.  It looks so pretty in the bottle, but when I see color swatches, it looks redder than the bottle color.

(and this is not an accurate picture of the bottle either -
it looks way more purple/blue IRL)

Now that I own it, I still kind of feel the same way.  In some lighting, it matches the pretty purple blue-ish iridescent color in the bottle.  But in other light (especially indoor lighting) it looks like a reddish purple.  Some times I love it, other times I just like it.

Of course, being a purple, it was especially hard to photograph.  I feel the picture with the flash is the most accurate.


no flash

I used three coats, although it covered pretty well with just two.  It was easy to apply and dried fairly fast (not as fast as some other OPI and China Glaze polishes though).

I'm especially excited about owning this polish because of the name.  My mom is a history buff, and as children, my sister and I learned one new historical fact each week (we even had this massive timeline that we taped the name of the historical event onto after we learned about it).  Pompeii was a popular one - my sister and I got really into it.  We were just fascinated with the idea that the volcanic lava that unfortunately killed so many also preserved so much.  So the name of this polish really spoke to me, and I'm happy to finally have my Pompeii Purple, even if it isn't as purple as I'd like.

I think I'm going to do some Konad tonight.  Have a great evening all!


Paige said...

It is a nice color on you! That is a nice tradition to have in your family, my father used to tell us Greek Mythology every week!

Unknown said...

^^ That's awesome GildedAngel! I love that you had a tradition like that too. I used to complain about the whole history lesson thing, but looking back, I loved it and got so much out of it :) I'm sure you did too - Greek Mythology is everywhere and having a basic knowledge of it is so useful.

Thanks about the polish!

Unknown said...

Wow, that was a bargain! Nice color...

Unknown said...

^^ I know, I think $4 per polish is the cheapest I've ever gotten an OPI! I was pretty excited.

Lucy said...

Pretty on you. That's nice that your Mother did that. Do you remember much of the things she taught you?

Unknown said...

Thanks!! I feel like a lot of it built the historical foundation I now have. There are a few units that I always remember, like the one about the Chicago fire. She had the Chicago fire unit take place at the same time that the library had a 'build Chicago out of recyclables' event, so my sister and I went and helped build the town (as accurately as you can out of old milk cartons and cardboard), which was a lot of fun. For our Williamsburg, VA unit, we went to Williamsburg and took notes and then wrote little essays - our reward was Williamsburg-esque straw hats with ribbon! I still have that hat - I felt like I worked really hard to earn it :)

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