Saturday, December 12, 2009

Our past year, in Water

Water.  Today I am going to write about water.  Because, amazingly, water has been the number one topic of conversation between J and I lately.

When we first moved in together, last September 2008, J took a few sips of water fresh from our 35 year old pipes and declared we needed a Brita - or we would succumb to some sort of pipe poisoning.  I didn't (and still don't) care where our water came from, so my only concern was that the Brita be pink.  We bought our pink Brita and happily drank water that came out of those 35 year old pipes, ran through our Brita filter (which, after two months of use, I realized I had installed incorrectly), and poured into our glasses.

But then in April 2009, unexplainably (well, it is probably very explainable actually), J decided we could no longer drink Brita water.  In fact, we might as well start smoking two packs a day and shooting acid if we were going to keep drinking Brita water.  So J started buying bottled water.  Bottles and bottles and bottles.  And I drink a lot of water.  About eight to ten bottles a day (I was actually rather pleased with myself when I first discovered I drank this much water).  I don't drink soda, coffee, sports drinks, wine, beer, flavored water, or milk - I'm (clearly) kind of picky about what I drink.  So we were going through cases of water bottles like you wouldn't believe.  Our recycling had to be taken out every two days and our cats were chasing bottle caps galore around the house.

If we ever ran out of water, I'd just fill a bottle from the sink and go on my merry way.  But if J realized we were out of water, no matter what time of day - and I mean no matter what time of day - J would get more water.  There were many a trip to the gas station after midnight to pick up water bottles.  If he saw me chugging water from the sink faucet, he'd go into a lecture about all the terrible stuff I was putting into my body and how I couldn't complain when I dropped dead tomorrow from drinking the water.  Etc. etc.

In July, Deer Park and Aquafina were no longer good enough.  He "discovered" that they were coming from the same places our sink water was coming from (hello, I was telling you this all along!).  So now we could only drink Fiji, Perrier, and something that had mountains all over the bottle (I didn't like that one because it used too much plastic) called Isbre.  The Fiji water was fun until I discovered how much he was spending on water, at which point I told him it was either Brita or Dasani.  He decided on the econo water.

But then, quite recently (as in, two weeks ago), he learned that plastic from the bottles leaks into the water and can cause cancer.  All of a sudden he was yanking the long ago abandoned cups out of the cupboard and urging me to drink the sink water.  He drank it for a few days ("What is that mineral taste?  Is that the pipes?") and then started drinking orange juice.  He lived off of orange juice last week (no fear of scurvy!) and this week he loaded up on soda - in a can, of course.

J is a very smart man.  He reads about genetics and bio chemistry in his free time (and he's a lawyer in his not-free-time), but sometimes, he can be a bit of a nut.  Of course, I shouldn't talk.  I have a few abnormalities too.  And even if his water obsession has been a bit of a pain in the butt at times, I love him for those unique qualities that make him J.

But for now, we're still drinking the sink water (well, I am at least) and J has big plans of buying some type of water ionizer - an idea I'm hoping will pass.  Thankfully, he's begun worrying about the teflon on our nonstick pans, so maybe that concern will replace the water one.  Of course, that will lead to a whole new set of non-nonstick pans, which means one of us is going to have to scrub those pans a lot more after everything sticks to them - and I can tell you, that someone is NOT going to be me!

Have a wonderful weekend all - and drink plenty of water!


Swtest2Lips said...

J sounds cute-a little complicated with the water situation, but still cute.

Unknown said...

lol yeah, he's great - even if he is a little neurotic about water (and water of all things!). It all stems from his fear of cancer, which is totally valid - there are plenty of pollutants in water. But there are plenty of pollutants in a lot of things (although I don't remind him of this...).

Nessa said...

I get a little crazy with my water too.
There is this one water filter that looks like an Ice Mountain water cooler where you pour your sink water in it and it filters it and the water can come out hot or cold, I think.
It gets the ppm down to 0.01, which is even less than bottled water, tested that too. It's about $100 I think.

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks for the info! I'll have to tell him about that - that $100 could save us a LOT of money in the long run. I'll look into that!

Bunny Masseuse said...

I'd atleast have your water checked (well water I assume?) to make sure you aren't tasting anything that's truely bad for you... but otherwise I'm a totally drink only SMARTWATER kinda girl. It's all I can stand plain as water is... and has electrolytes. I love it.

Unknown said...

I'll have to give smartwater a try!
J actually had our water sent out to be tested last week! I guess we'll soon find out what we're drinking!

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