Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ugly Sweater Party Nails!!

Last night I went to an ugly sweater party - the kind where you dress up in those over-the-top pom-pom embellished, twinkling lights sweaters that every mom I knew wore when I was in elementary school.  These parties have become pretty popular in the last few years, especially for college students (and since I'm in grad school, I can pretend I'm young enough to partake in these events still).  All you need is an ugly sweater, but green pants, tights, a silly hat or earrings, etc., all make the outfit so much better.

I won't show you my outfit - it is just too hideously embarrassing to post, but here are my fabulously disastrous ugly sweater nails.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nails
Please, revel in the ugliness of it all.

(this is pre-cleanup)

I used the argyle stamp since what is better than an argyle Christmas sweater?
*For the base, I used Nicole Really, Really Red and for my Konad design, I used my white polish and plate m60.
*I then topped that with a stripe of Zoya Veruschka (with top coat) and then a stripe of Sally Hansen White Gold Chrome polish.
*For the bows (what ugly Christmas sweater is complete without bows?), I used Konad plate m3 and Maybelline Merlot Magic.  I topped it all with Seche Vite and I've been debating about adding glitter, just to make it that much more over the top.

The process:

only partially ugly here...

with a cameo by SNOW!  (and lots of it too).

Cara the weather dog says:

It is snowing like crazy outside!

Hello ugly sweater guys!

copywrite: Freedom Moreno/Flickr

Want to read more about ugly sweater parties?  This is a pretty hilarious take on the little phenomena.

This blog post is dedicated to my FAVORITE bank teller ever.  She is just the sweetest lady with the most fabulous nails.  When I stopped by the bank yesterday afternoon (totally embarrassed by my crazy nails), she was telling me how wonderful and Christmasy they are - I couldn't bring myself to tell her that they were totally ironic.  She's always so nice and we have the best conversations about nails.  Then I stopped by the grocery store and remembered why I hate going shopping around the holidays.  People.  Frantic, stressed, pretend-cheerful people.  And maniac drivers.  Ugh.

Are any of you going to any fun holiday parties this weekend?


Liz said...

LOL, Brooke, these are spot on for the bad christmas sweater party. But I think we, your loyal followers, are entitled to a pic of you in the bad sweater, too! : )

Paige said...

These nails are awesome; I love the idea behind it!

Unknown said...

Haha, thanks Liz :) I'll think about it... not sure if I'm ready to publicly post that kind of humiliation yet - I even debated about posting these crazy nails! Hope you're enjoying all the snow!

Thanks gildedangel! They are pretty crazy... lol.

Trincess said...

I really fancy this mani =) Great combination of Konad! =D

Unknown said...

Thanks Trincess!!

awesomevegan said...

It must be wrong for me to love these! I have a couple of "ugly sweaters" I have a cat sweater vest that I just love. It is very gaudy LOL. :)

Froso M. said...

are you doing all those designs without any help? i can't even paint my nails in the right way after so many years1 well done!

Unknown said...

awesomevegan - I LOVE that you have multi "ugly sweaters"!! I have a cat one with pom poms and everything from my childhood - I wish it still fit! Thanks :)

Froso - Thanks so much!! I use Konad stamps for some of the designs (like the argyle and the bow). I'm still working on getting better at painting my nails - some people are so amazing. But thank you :)

Unknown said...

Your nails look like the cutest little ugly sweaters!

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