Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Zoya Tallulah Snowflake Nails

Zoya Tallulah

I am especially fond of this color because of the name: Tallulah.  I have a wonderful little orange cat named Delilah (most orange cats are males, so she's pretty unique) whom I often called 'Dellulah,' as in, rhymes with 'Tallulah'.  Asides from the fact that this polish sounds like my cat's nickname, the color is spectacular.  It is such a beautiful, beautiful blue - and like the color of my cat, the color of this polish is very unique.

Zoya Tallulah
I used just ONE coat (I'm always amazed by one-coat polishes) and no top coat in this picture (I wanted to wait until I finished my nail design for the top coat).  This was a slower drying polish, but I've noticed that with a few Zoyas.

Zoya Tallulah with no flash.
I feel the color is closer to the flash picture, although a tinge darker.

I painted my snowflakes using my french mani white polish.  I later topped them with China Glaze OMG (as seen in this picture) and added some dots of snow around them.  I think I liked the design better without the dots of snow, but in real life, OMG on top of the white gives the snowflakes an amazing shimmer.

Maybe my snowflake nails will help induce a snow shower (and get us all out of work and school for a day!).  I think we could all use a little mid-week break this time of the year!  Have a great Tuesday, snow or no snow :)


Tuli said...

One coat ??? This is amazing ! I really love this shade of blue and I think I'm going to add it to my Zoya's wish list.....it is so pretty !

Oh and I added you to my blogroll :-)

Unknown said...

I know, I was surprised too! and it's such a gorgeous color. Thanks for the blogroll add! :)

ainos2 said...

Gorgeous blue!

Unknown said...

Thanks ainos2!!

Paige said...

That is so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks gildedangel! it was my first attempt at snowflakes so they are a little silly looking - I can paint large things pretty well, but when the details get this tiny, its pretty difficult! I need lots more practice :)

Swtest2Lips said...

So pretty Brooke! Loves it

Unknown said...

aww, thanks so much Swtest :)

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