Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back to School with China Glaze, Color Club, & Konad!

First, a great big
I took all of your wonderful advice about polish for today (first day back to school!) and combined it and came up with one fun color: China Glaze QT!

MightyLambchop suggested I go with a holo (and I do LOVE holos).
Velvet & Jo want me to wear a color that makes me feel smart (hmm, something shiny?).
Rebecca voted for a bright pink creme (which is basically my favorite kind of polish!!)

So China Glaze QT it is!  I've never worn it before, so I'm really excited to try it out.  Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!

So lets check it out...

China Glaze QT
China Glaze QT is a dark pink holo with tones of red, gold, and purple.  It is a beautiful shade, but less holographic than I was expecting.  Under bright lights though, it still has that stunning holo shine that I love :)  It almost covered with one coat, but I used two for complete coverage.  It dried fast (love that!) - I was able to stamp on it within three minutes!

Two awesome colors?  Totally!

Color Club Worth the Risque
I stamped my thumbnail with China Glaze OMG (you know how much I love that one!) and then stamped my other thumbnail with Color Club Worth the Risque.  Worth the Risque is slightly more vibrant, so it looks nicer as a stamping polish, so I went ahead and stamped the rest of my nails with Worth the Risque.  It worked really, really well as a Konad stamping polish, and the holographic effect came out beautifully in the design.  Worth the Risque is an awesome holo and although it is similar to OMG, it is different enough that it is worth it (worth the risk?) to own them both if you're a holo lover (like me!).

ps: I used Konad plate m64 for this design (it's my favorite).


My sister was wearing China Glaze BFF yesterday, QT's younger sister.
China Glaze BFF
Here is China Glaze BFF modeled by my mom (she wore it last week).  She used Konad plate m64 and China Glaze 2030 for the pretty design.  How sweet is this polish?  I LOVE BFF and can't wait to get back over to their house to try it out on my own nails!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school I go (well, not yet, but it will be soon enough!)!  Wish me luck :)
Have a fabulous, fun day everyone!!


MightyLambchop said...

I love it! It looks amazing.

Paige said...

That looks awesome!

Rebecca said...

Aww wow! That is so much more fabulous than anything I would've come up with! Thanks for thinking of my suggestion :D

Ngelic said...

Wow! it's sooo captivating! I love the colour and the design on it.. it's soo delicate :)

KONADomania said...

Love it! Can't be better than 2 holos in one manicure;)

Susie said...

Absolutely beautiful. :)
Have fun,

Unknown said...

Thanks so much everyone!!!
You're all so kind and supportive!! :D

Mae Espiritu Makeup Obra said...

cool...gorgeous holo n.p... i like it..

Michèle said...

This looks wonderful, i think the konad's very cute too. Pink holos are awesome:-)

Euridice said...

that looks fantastic!!

Dani said...

I like how you went about picking this mani! It's a gorgeous combination. I need to get some of those Konad plates like the one you have... the cute swirlies not to mention getting some more holos.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Art of Nail & Euridice!

Michele, I agree! what could be better than a pink holo?

Danica, thank you! You really should - I'm obsessed with Konad! :)

polishloving said...

that looks so good!

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