Friday, January 22, 2010

Baking bread, making jam, and knitting - what I do when I'm not polishing!

Just wanted to share some of the fun crafty things I've been doing lately!

The other day, my sister and I went to my Grandma's house (not the Grandma who was in the hospital) to bake bread.  My Grandma is 91, gardens daily during the spring and summer, and bakes six loaves of bread every single Saturday.  She really is amazing.  When I was younger, I would visit her all the time, often 'helping' while she baked bread and returning home with my own tiny loaves in tiny pans.  Baking bread with her the other day way really fun, although I kept kind of wishing she'd pull out the tiny bread pans and let me make a few little loaves for old times sake.

getting ready to go into the oven!

We also made Grandma's raspberry jam :) my absolute favorite kind (and by absolute favorite kind I mean it has to be my grandma's raspberry jam - sorry Smuckers).

raspberry jam :)

I also knitted two scarves, one for my Grandma and one for my mother.
I'm currently working on one for my Grandma's caregiver.

This is the scarf for my Grandma:

The scarf for my mom is completely identical except hers is about a foot longer.

I also did a little painting, on something other than my nails this time.

My sister and I went to paint pottery with our significant others.  I had intended this to go on my bedroom wall, but it wouldn't fit where the current plate is, so I put it in the kitchen and discovered it matches my curtains almost perfectly!

My sister painted a hibiscus coffee mug with a polka dot handle.

J painted a cupcake box for me within the first five minutes and then spent the rest of the time reading us articles from off of his Blackberry.

My sister's surprisingly creative boyfriend made this mug with a few pyramids and a polka dot handle.  He is having surgery today for a sports injury so please think good thoughts for him!

Happy Friday!!


Musicalhouses said...

Wow, I wish I had more fun things to do! When I'm not polishing I'm really just doing my work :(

Unknown said...

lol, I wish I had more work! I only work part time right now because I'm in school but I've been on winter break so I've had a ton of free time.

Velvet said...

Wow,looks like you've had a lot of creative fun lately. My mom and I canned blueberry jam this past summer,and of course tomatoes. I'm still working on scarf my self(crocheted) But I keep putting it off for no good!

Brooke said...

GO GRANDMA!! I wish you would have included a pic of the wonderful lady :) I think it is so nice to hear that your grandma is still so active at her young age of 91. I don't even know her, but I want to just give her a big hug!

All of the painting projects look wonderful :)

Unknown said...

Vet - blueberry jam sounds DELICIOUS!! I know what you mean about putting off the knitting/crocheting. I started the one for my grandma's caregiver umm, two weeks ago? and haven't done anything since. why is that? lol

Aww, thanks Brooke!! I thought about posting a picture of her, but I knew if she knew I did that, she'd be totally freaked out (she is not very into the internet). You're so sweet :)

Unknown said...

^^ by 'Vet' I clearly meant 'Velvet' - can you tell its been a long day? Sorry Velvet!

Heather said...

Your grandma sounds amazing. I love all the creative pottery too, thanks for posting!

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