Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blue polish week! Mint Candy Apple

Hello day three of January Blue Polish Week!  I have another light blue polish to share today:
the lovely and coveted Essie Mint Candy Apple!

Essie Mint Candy Apple
I don't think this polish is supposed to be grouped as a blue - 'mint' typically implies 'green,' but in the case of Mint Candy Apple, 'mint' appears to refer to 'pale blue.'  
I used Konad plate m51 for the floral design in Zoya Kiki.
left: no flash
right: flash

left: no flash
right: flash

I have a cold today :( so I'm feeling a bit out-of-sorts.  I started feeling it yesterday afternoon, but I've been feeling 'off' for a few days.  I'm sure it will pass quickly, but it always stinks to get sidelined by a cold when you have so many plans.  At least this will give me a chance to finish knitting the scarf I started last week!

Ok, I promise I'll have a darker blue for day four!!


Paige said...

I love Mint Candy Apple on you!

Unknown said...

Thanks gilded!!

Miss Vintage Vogue said...

LOVE that color! Looks great on you! :)

Unknown said...

^^ Thank you so much!!

Lucy said...

Hope your feeling better. I have to order this. Looks fantastic on you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Lucy!! And I think my cold is breaking - I can talk today :) which is a plus!

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