Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blue Polish week! Two-Timer

Oh no, it's our last day of January blue polish week!

This polish is called Two-Timer, I assume because it is a mild-medium duochrome.  Any of you know a two-timer?  While I hate two-timers, I think this color is AMAZING.  When I started putting it on I kept asking myself, 'really, I own a polish this color?'  Not only that, but I've owned it for a LONG time (seems to be a bit of a trend with me a polish).  This is a Wet n' Wild I got a while back, yet unlike many of my polishes, I can't seem to remember just how I acquired this one - and it is really bugging me.  Although my 23-year-old senility is clearing setting in, I did remember that the lid came apart in two pieces - and ah ha! it does!  Which makes it quite a pain to open.

Once I managed to wrench the bottle open, I applied four coats of this slow drying formula - and was BLOWN AWAY by the color.  It is so gorgeous!

Wet n' Wild Two-Timer
I tried to get the bottle in this shot to show the slight duochrome effect.  I am loving this design.  I used this Konad pattern before on a pink and felt like I was wearing little bandanas on my fingernails - not so cute for school and work (although for a rodeo, awesome).  This design in Konad special white over Two-Timer looks so pretty - I keep admiring my nails :)

with flash

without flash

and the often captured blurry shot - yay for blurry nails!

Have a nice Saturday, readers!!


Trincess said...

this is really gorgeous! looks a bit like rbl scrangie to me, but even if it's not, it's so gorgeous and great choice of konad! I love it! =) <3

Unknown said...

Looks a bit Scandinavian!

Unknown said...

Thanks Trincess - and I hadn't even realized that but it actually does! awesome!

Thess - YES! it really does, doesn't it? :) Thanks!!

AllYouDesire said...

It really does look a bit like Scrangie :) I love the stamping you made.

Michèle said...

Ooh love this polish, it looks very nice on you :)

Paige said...

That is a beautiful Konad!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much AllYouDesire, Michele, and Gilded!!

Susie said...


Tuli said...

Very pretty color and I love the konadicure you did, it's so beautiful :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Tuli and Susie :D You guys are so sweet!

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