Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blue Polish week! Water Marbling

For blue polish week, I decided to try out water marbling for the first time.  In order to water marble, you drop polish into a disposable cup filled with water and just dip your nails in.  It is a really cool technique and I'm glad I finally tried it.  It does take some practice though, in my opinion.  I always pictured that I would just dip my finger in and the polish would swirl around and form some cool designs on my nail.  Instead, the polish forms a kind of film on top of the water and then adheres to the nail looking as it does floating in the cup.  Basically you create the designs in the water.

So here is my first attempt at water marbling; a little rough, but still pretty fun!

Water Marbling

I used China Glaze DV8, Zoya Tallulah, Maybelline Mirror Magic, and China Glaze For Audrey.  I like the way my pinky looks the most :)

Here is the cup (use one you can throw away!) with polish and water.

Gorgeous, right?  This is pre-clean up.  Cleaning up the nails was the worst part!

And the finished product!
(This is the longest my nails have EVER been but I really need to file them to a semi-even length!)

And just for fun, I wanted to show you what my dog Emily did:

She was REALLY trying to bury this bone in the flower pot (this is the second flower pot she tried).  This was a true collision of the more modern keeping of house-dogs and canine instinct!

Have a great Thursday all!


Colette said...

Looks great for a first try! I would suggest taping around the nails, or I've also heard of using vaseline, to make the cleanup easier. Marbling it seems like you learn something every time you do it, can't wait to see your next one =)

Lucy said...

That's a riot! Poor dog trying to bury the bone. Your manicure looks fantastic. I'm glad you mentioned that the design is made in the water. I thought you just dipped and it looked perfect.

Heather said...

This is so cool! Your nails look awesome. I want to try marbling :)

Unknown said...

Colette - THANK YOU so much for the great tips!! I will make sure to try vaseline or tape next time - anything that makes the clean-up easier is great! Thanks so much :) I can't wait to try it again too!!

Haha, thanks Lucy :) It was pretty funny... especially when my other dog trotted over five minutes later and swiped it right out of the flower pot! Glad you like the marbling!!

Thanks so much Heather!! It is such a cool technique, I'm glad I finally tried it!

Miss Vintage Vogue said...

Wow - that's amazing! I think this is too much mess for me though lol I would probably get it everywhere

Tuli said...

Emily is so for sharing this with us <3

The water marbling looks so fun, I have to give it a shot one day ! It turns out so unique and pretty :-)

Paige said...

That looks so cool!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Miss Vintage Vogue :)

Glad you liked it Tuli!!

Thanks gilded!!

chuckabiddy said...

That's so cool! If I ever manage to grow my nails I'll try it. Mine are all peely so I have to cut them short a lot :(

Unknown said...

Thanks Chuckabiddy!! Mine have the exact same problem - they peel soo easily. I've been using Essie
Billionails for the past month and it has really, really helped - I plan on posting a review about it soon. I picked it up at TJMaxx for .50 cents!!

Niki* said...

This is an awesome first try! I find that cleaning up as you go is a bit easier cause the polish hasn't dried on your fingers :) also I like to experiment with light colored base coats and darker polish when marbling - makes some interesting results!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Niki!! I was wondering if painting my nails before marbling would work - I was worried the marbling polish would totally cover it. I'll have to try it with a lighter color as the base - thanks for the tip!!

Audrey said...

This looks amazing! Great Job! Your pinky is my fav too!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Audrey!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Audrey!!

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