Sunday, January 31, 2010

Essie Billionails - it worked!

Essie Billionails

I picked up Essie Billionails at TJMaxx for like, a buck or something ridiculous.  I've been using it nearly every time I polish for the past month and a half now, and I have seen pretty good results.  I have always had very soft, bendable, peely nails that grow super slow.  Such a pain. I used Nail Tek for about a year nine years ago which I guess helped, although I never really noticed any difference to tell you the truth.  I have noticed a big difference with Billionails.

I started using Billionails on December 11, 2009.  My most recent nail photos are from January 24, 2010.

Lets go back in time!  These photos begin with the most recent pictures.
Now you get to see my horribly stained bare nails.  Yuck.  I'm sorry.

Jan. 24, 2010
yay!  long nails!

Jan. 5, 2010

Dec. 16, 2009

Dec. 11, 2009 (start date)
boo! short nails!

Now I can start filing my nails again!  Have any of you tried Billionails?  I'd like to buy another bottle but can't seem to find it.  Has it been discontinued?
edit: just found it on transdesign!  They also have a Millionails and Trillionails - cute!

And another question.  I'm trying to build a website for my Dad's business.  
Any web-building advice?  
I'm clueless!

Have a fun day everyone!

PS: Tomorrow is the first day of my 14 Days of February Pink Nails.  
14 days of pink polish - what color be better?  :)


Anonymous said...

Billionails hasn't been discontinued, as far as I know. I can call my distributor tomorrow, and check for sure.

Unknown said...

Ange-Marie - I just searched TransDesign and found it!! Thanks for inspiring me :) although I wish I could find another bottle for $1 again, haha

Arie said...

Woow yes!, I can see the nice growing.
I may give it a try, thanks for sharing! :)

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

your nails look great! As for the web stuff - use as little "flash" as possible....sometimes they clog up a site and for those who are on dial-up or satellite internet, it can take forever....a flash opening page with option to skip is pretty good....

just my 2 cents.


Unknown said...

Thanks Arie!! I think the main thing Billionails did for my nails is make the stronger - and that's what my shabby little nails really need: strength!

Yardsticks - good tip! I was thinking of using Wix but it is really flash heavy. I'll try looking around to find something else. Thanks for the 2 cents :)

Smoochiefrog said...

I'm glad I now how to use it! I got a small bottle in a mini 4 pack at TJ Maxx too. I hadn't used it yet as I had no clue what it was for! Thanks for the info. :)

Nail Fanatic said...

My nails are always weak and break at a point once they get to a certain length. I think I'm going to give this one a try! Thanks for sharing!d

Paige said...

Your nails look awesome!

Michèle said...

Ooh they came a long way! They look fantastic now, I wish my tips where half as white as yours! <3

adorepink said...

Im pretty excited about your 14 days of pink!
Yes, I see this in TJ Maxx all the time! Ive always wondered about it too, now I have my answer. Your nails are looking good indeed!

Dainty Darling Digits said...

Ooh, gonna have to rec this to a friend who can't grow hers and see how it works!

Sara Elizabeth said...

you know i have really weak nails and i've been using nailtek for AGES and not seen an improvement. my nails still break!!

i'll have to give this a try

jo.frougal said...

Brooke, that was so sweet of you to give me the award. Can't thank you enough!
I've blogged about it here.
Sorry can't share anything re website, don't know anything about that. But I congratulate you for doing it! You go, girl! And yes, let's get on with the pink nails, I can't wait. ;)

krisprimps said...

14 days of pink - good idea! I never seem to reach for my pinks all that often.

I didn't have good luck with NailTek either - I think the formaldehyde gave me peelies.

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