Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fing'rs California Girls - Santa Cruz Sparkle

Fing'rs California Girls Santa Cruz Sparkle

Fing'rs sent me a pack of their California Girls nails in Santa Cruz Sparkle.  Each nail is painted a natural, neutral pinkish with a white french tip, a glittery silvery-white stripe (I LOVE the glitter stripe!), and diamond-shaped rhinestones.  The pack included 24 nails, as well as nail glue and stick on tabs - either can be used.  The nails ranged in sizes and I was very happy that they had one small enough to fit my pinky (my pinky nail is kind of narrow, so it can be hard to find the best size).  The thumbs sizes went up a few sizes larger than what I used, so I feel these nails could fit a nice variety of nail sizes.

The nails applied easily with the nail glue and stayed on VERY well.  Like I have said before, Fing'rs nail glue is very strong.  In order to remove the nails, you need to soak them in acetone to dissolve the nail and the glue.  The only issue I had was that I was confused about why some of the nails had rhinestones and some didn't - I wasn't really sure what kind of pattern I was supposed to make out of them.  Based on the sizes available, I ended up without rhinestones on my pinky and thumb, with rhinestones on my other three fingers, but I would have preferred to have rhinestones on each finger.  While I found the variance in nails confusing, I adore the nail designs and these are by far the most beautiful fake nails I have ever worn.  I got a lot of compliments on these and would love to wear them again.  They would look really nice for a wedding, a night out, a vacation, a party, I could go on and on - these nails are gorgeous!

Without flash and with flash
I love how natural they look

I will be hosting a giveaway soon to celebrate reaching 100 visitors (the giveaway polishes I ordered are on their way!!) and Fing'rs has generously offered to gift my readers some awesome Fing'rs products, like these beautiful nails and these great Edge & Flirt products!
How exciting is that?


Caitlin said...

Those are adorable, and they really don't look like fake nails at all! Love the little rhinestones :)

xo Caitlin

Michèle said...

Wow these glue on nails look nothing like they did 5 years ago! You can't even tell, very nice :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Caitlin!! I agree - they look so natural! :)

Thank you Michele! I felt the same way when I saw them - fake nails used to look so unnatural. But these look so real and cute (and way better than when I do them! haha).

Paige said...

That is a lovely mani!

Miss Vintage Vogue said...

That's awesome, Brooke! The nails do look really nice and natural!

Unknown said...

Thanks Gilded!

Thank you Patty!! :)

Necromancer said...

They're really cute, I like 'em.

Unknown said...

Thanks Necro, I really like them too!

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