Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fun with Alliteration! OPI Gargantuan Green Grape

I like alliteration a lot (Babbling Brooke!).  Surely part of it is due to my background in English literature and poetry.  Maybe that love for alliteration is part of what made me so interested in OPI Gargantuan Green Grape.  A good friend of mine at tPF gave me this during a gift exchange in July, and I love it, not only because it is a gorgeous color but because it was from a very sweet friend.

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape
Gargantuan Green Grape is a fresh, vibrant green polish.  It is a bit streaky, but covers well with four coats.  I used Seche Vite Ridge Filling Base as the base coat, which is a shimmery white color, and I found that Gargantuan Green Grape was opaque after three coats over that.

I love this color!  It is a little brighter and less minty than it appears in both pictures.  I'll need to stop by and take a picture of my former bedroom at my parents' house for you all.  I have an accent wall that is basically the same shade as Gargantuan Green Grape (and as a wall, it was a leetttle bright - but as a polish, it's awesome!).

For this design, I used Konad plate m57 and Zoya Whitney

Hope you're all having a nice day!


Paige said...

Great color and I love that Konad design!

Velvet said...

Okay...I'm gonna have to add this polish to my stash. I keep seeing this color over and over. It's just gorgeous looking. I like the konad design as well,very cute!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much gildedangel!

Velvet, I debated about this one for a while too - and then placed an order without getting it and instantly regretted it. So I was really happy when my friend gifted it to me. It does take a LOT of coats, but I love the way it turns out. Thanks about the Konad too!

Ella Pretty Blog said...

Love the Green colour - it is so fresh! But I don't think I'd have the patience to apply 4 coats - it would be smudge city for me!

Unknown said...

^^ haha, yeah, applying 4+ coats can be a bit of a pain sometimes - unless I do it during my 'relaxing' time - then I have an excuse to relax longer :)

Taki J said...

My daughter picked this out in the matte version and I tried it on my toes last night. Pretty color but I feel like I ran my toes through lime green sidewalk I think I will add a top coat to it.

Nicole said...

I love this polish! I posted this like an eon ago, it seems - I had a very hard time getting a true to life color shot, it just didn't come out quite right. Totally made me want to through my camera against the wall!
I LOVE the konad you did with it! Very cute.

Unknown said...

takij - I've seen it with the matte finish - I agree, it does look a lot like green sidewalk chalk. Have you tried adding a top coat one top of your toes and making it shiny again?

Nicole - argh, I agree!! I took so many pictures trying to photograph it right and it just kept looking minty! ugh. Thanks about the Konad!!

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