Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 101 Tag - and Ten Random Things About Me

Nicole at the awesome nail blog, Magic Maid, tagged me - thanks so much Nicole!  Check her out on Twitter too by the way - she has some great posts.
So I'm supposed to list ten things about me... lets see if I can think of ten more interesting facts...

1. I wear contacts... and now that my nails are finally growing out (thank you, Essie Billionails!) I am having the hardest time getting my contacts out each night - such a pain!  What do other contact-wearing nail girls do?

2. I am absolutely terrified of flying (in a plane that is - if I could fly, that would be much sweeter).  I am even more terrified of crashing in a plane.  The last time I flew, I jumped ship at the connecting flight, rented a car, and drove the remaining nine hours home!

3.  I seriously could live on dark chocolate, avocados, apples, and fresh mozzarella cheese.

4.  On that same note, I am completely happy eating the same foods every. single. day.  (My fiance feels quite differently though.  He's perfectly happy living on takeout.  Yuck.)

5.  I have an incredible memory, especially for details.  But it still helps to write down important memories and events, because over time, some of the details begin to fade.

6.  I am so disorganized!  Oh my goodness.  I need to work out a good organizing system pronto.  When I moved a year and a half ago, things kind of went everywhere (like, I found three bras in my desk drawer last week.  Clearly, I could be using my desk drawer for other things and I should be storing my bras elsewhere).  My new year's resolution is to get organized :)

7.  I haven't had a hair cut in two years.  I am really attached to my longish hair.  But, another resolution: getting it cut in about two weeks! (be prepared for photos!).

8.  I love reading.  I just devour books.  For me, returning to a good book is like reuniting with an old friend.  I make a habit of rereading favorite books every few years.  I come away with something new each time.

9.  I love the radio!!  Yay for music still being free :)

10.  I'm a Scrabble addict.  I admit it.  I just love that game.

So there are ten totally random facts about me!  Now I'm tagging:

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kelsealaurel said...

Love the facts! Thanks for the tag =) yay

Unknown said...

You're welcome Kelsea!!

Jenny$1983 said...

Cool facts :)

I find it easier to remove my contacts with long nails! My right thumbnail broke all the way down a few months ago and I struggled so badly ... my method is to put the tip of my index finger flat on the centre of the lens and put my thumbnail under the edge and pull it away, I've never been able to do that 'pinch it out' thing that my optician told me to - he even told me I might need to cut my nails :-0 So wrong about that in so many ways :D

I love your blog, your pic of Zoya Irene helped me decide I definitely needed it :)

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Jenny, you are WAY braver than I am! That sounds painful - but I do the whole 'pinch it out' thing which makes you (and my sister) cringe. She like, slides it out of her eye, which looks so easy but I've never been able to do it. Glad you worked out a method that saved you from cutting your nails though!!

And thanks so much :) The whole reason I started blogging about polish was to help others make good polish decisions, and it really makes me happy to know you found a polish you love here :) Thanks!

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