Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Incognito - my first first brown polish!

So lets start with a story.  I bought this same shade for my giveaway.  I've been eying up the bottle, which is sitting in my giveaway pile on my dining room table just begging to be used.  There is just something about it that really made me want to try it.  So after seeing all of Liz's awesome taupes yesterday, I broke down, drove to the store, and bought myself the same bottle of brown polish I am giving away.  Why can't I buy something for a giveaway without wanting to have it for myself too?  Well, I'm glad I got it, because I really like this shade, and I certainly don't own anything like it.  I wish I could have gotten it to photograph more accurately.  If you squint really hard it kind of looks color accurate (I can see you now, squinting away at the computer screen - it's ok, I am too).  I guess I'd say it's like a nice, rich dark chocolate, like an 80% cocoa variety.

<--- kind of not loving this design on the brown at all (so I made it tiny) :)
PRO10 Incognito
Like I said, I like this one significantly better IRL than in photos... I keep looking back and forth between my nails and these pictures and this polish just looks so much better right here in my family room than it does on my computer screen.
I believe this is called 'Incognito,' which is printed on the side of the bottle.  It is a very dark brown - nearly black - although in these photos it appears almost milk chocolate.  I used OPI Mod About You for the Konad design (I tried using a hot pink at first - notice the pointer finger?).
Incognito applied very smooth and covered well with two coats.  I am wearing three coats because I am a habitual over polisher - but it was totally opaque after two.  I really like this one!  It's kind of edgy, but still fairly neutral.

without flash
This is the most color accurate out of the 40-so I took.


Paige said...

That is a great design and a great brown!

Rebecca said...

Never mind driving to the store to buy a nail polish, now I need to walk to the shop to get some chocolate!

Unknown said...

haha, Rebecca, I love your comment - I have a huge smile on my face right now :)

Thanks GildedAngel! I never thought I'd try brown polish!

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