Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nailene - French Manicure Fun!

Nailene was sweet enough to send me all kinds of great french manicure goodies to try out (in an adorable gift bag too!).  Check out the fun nail designs I made with Nailene!

French tip guides
For these designs, I used Nailene's french tip guides.  You just stick them down, seal them by pressing your thumbnail across them and pressing them into the edges of your nails (make sure there are no gaps).  Each pack comes with 96, so there are tons of guides for lots of fun french designs.  I have been using Nailene's french tip guides for years and I always rely on them when I do french manicures - I think they are essential.

This is one of my favorite manis ever!!  I used Nailene's french tip guides and painted my tips China Glaze OMG first.  Once they were dry, I used the french tip guides to paint my tips with Zoya Sweet.  Then I applied one of Nailene's Bedazzle stickers with pearls and rhinestones - I LOVE this nail sticker!!  You can see the sticker a bit better in this picture:

I also used some of the fun nail stickers one designs I made with the french tip guides too!

French Tip Pen
Nailene's French Tip Pen Kit includes a french tip pen, a base/top coat, french tip guides, and a neutral polish.  To activate the french tip pen, you just shake it and then press the tip against a hard surface until the paint comes to the point - just like a traditional paint pen.  The french tip pen is really easy to use and applied well.  It can be used with out without the french tip guides (neither my sister nor I used the nail guides with the french tip pen).  Here are my sister's nails - she chose to use the pen without the french tip guides.  My sister used some of the Bedazzle nail stickers on her french tips :)

and my nails with Nailene's French tip pen

I really like the base/top coat that came in this kit, and I found the french tip pen really easy to use, even without the nail guides.  I found it got a little lumpy if you tried to apply a second coat of it though, which made it a little difficult to fix mistakes.  But for those who have trouble doing a perfect french manicure, I feel that this pen is the easiest way to make a professional looking french manicure at home.  Plus, it was fun to use!

I'll be posting more pictures of Nailene's Bedazzle stickers, as well as some of Nailene's glue-on french tips and Nailene's complete french manicure kit soon!

All Nailene products can be found at a variety of drug and beauty stores, as well as discount stores like Target and Walmart.  I have seen Nailene at all the local grocery stores as well as Ulta and Walgreens.  Learn more at !


Paige said...

Those look great!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much gildedangel!!

MightyLambchop said...

Love the Nailene products. The French Tip pen is great for nail art too. I used mine to do dots before I got a dotting tool.

Unknown said...

What a great idea Mighty Lambchop!! I'm going to try that. I love dots :) Thanks for the tip!

k . . . said...

Awesome job, they look great!

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