Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nailene - More French Manicure Fun!

This is a continuation of my review of the fun french manicure products Nailene sent me.  Check out some of the other Nailene products I reviewed here!

Nailene So Natural Chip Proof Tips
Nailene So Natural Chip Proof Tips comes with 24 french manicure tips.  They apply with glue or stick-on tabs; I used the glue, which lasted for about six days before one broke off.  The base color is extremely natural and the french tip looks really nice.  They also have a slight pearly sheen, which looks really pretty.  These are extremely natural looking glue-on nails and the french tip design is elegant and professional.  The tips do not chip at all - there was no wear to the tips even after six days (and that is six days of computer typing, dishes, and hand washing!).  I really, really like these nails and loved the way they look.  Right now you can get a $1 off coupon at towards the purchase of So Natural Chip Proof Tips - awesome!

Nailene French Manicure Kit
Nailene's French Manicure Kit is an essential!  I was so impressed by this kit.  It includes a french tip white polish, a strong topcoat, a neutral polish, an adorable little file, and 42 french tip guides.  The french tip polish was excellent.  It applied very smoothly and dried quickly.  I also really like the top coat - it leaves a nice, glassy finish and wears well.  I tried using the neutral polish but found it was just too milky for my tastes.  The french tip guides are very useful (I love them).  I think everyone should own one of these kits - it makes creating the perfect french manicure so easy!

Nailene Bedazzle Nail Stickers
Nailene also sent me some Bedazzle Nail Stickers to try out.  There are over 100 nail stickers all with rhinestones and they are so cute!  They adhere well, although some of them had trouble staying on the curve of my nail.  When I stuck them more off to the side (as opposed to being centered on my nail) they stayed very well.  This is a great collection of stickers and they are all really nice looking.  I posted some pictures here as well (and I love the rhinestone and pearl sticker!) but here are some more pictures of the stickers I used on various french manicures:  

Check out more Nailene products here and learn more about Nailene online at  Nailene products can be purchased at many grocery, drug, and convenience stores, as well as at Ulta, Walmart, K-mart, and Target.


Miss Vintage Vogue said...

Cute cute! Those look awesome! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Miss Vintage Vogue!!

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