Saturday, January 16, 2010

SpaRitual Thunder Road

I've been craving a perfect periwinkle polish for a while now.  I've always loved periwinkle - as a child, I owned a Land's End periwinkle coat that I absolutely cherished.  My horse also has a lovely periwinkle coat (although I doubt she appreciates the color much).  Periwinkle polish is somewhat unusual, but I find it so beautiful and appealing.  When I first saw Thunder Road on my friend Necromancer's nail, I was really excited because it looked like the perfect periwinkle. She recently sent me a bottle of Thunder Road and I am IN LOVE!  Check out why:

SpaRitual Thunder Road
Thunder Road is a creamy, slightly dusty periwinkle with no glitter.  It applied smoothly and covered well with three coats.  I topped it with one coat of Creative Super Shiny top coat.

without the flash, it looks a bit dustier than it actually is.

I thought the stars looked nice with the periwinkle :)
I have a cloud fauxnad stamp that I really, really debated about using because I would love to have a little storm brewing on my Thunder Road nails.  Next time!

Don't you just love the gripper top?

SpaRitual's brushes are slightly narrower than some polish brushes, which I actually really liked.  I find those 'prowide' brushes to be a little too wide and make precision manicures a little more difficult.  I understand the idea that the wider the brush, the quicker you cover each nail, but I prefer precision over speed.  What kinds of polishing brush do you like?

I'm going to do a comparison between purples Thunder Road, OPI Do You Like It, and Zoya Miley soon.  Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!


Rebecca said...

I agree with you, I definitely prefer thinner brushes! I am messy enough without having a fat brush that splurges polish all over my nails. Lovely colour :)

Liz said...

These polishes look great! And I always appreciate that my favority Orly quick dry topcoat has a rubberized top when my nails are wet and I go to open it-- less chance I will smudge my nails trying to twist it off.
I love the OPI brush, but mostly because it's flat-- if any company came out with a slightly thinner flat brush, I'd be sold!

Paige said...

That is a beautiful color!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Rebecca :) and I so agree! Us messy polishers need thin brushes!

Liz, thanks for the thoughtful response. I hadn't considered that, but I completely agree - the flat brush is invaluable. I find it so much easier to paint smoothly with a flatter brush.

Thanks Gildedangel!

MightyLambchop said...

Beautiful color! I don't think I could wear this, lavenders tend to make me look jaundiced. But it looks amazing on you!
I haven't tried this brand yet but I really need to!

Unknown said...

Thanks Might Lambchop! I have colors I steer clear of too, but purple has always been one of my go-to colors. I really like these SpaRitual polishes. I've never seen them for sale around here, but I read that someone saw them in a salon in the DC area (so perhaps there are some near you).

Niki* said...

Those stars are cute!! where are they from? (lol like the polish too)

Unknown said...

Niki, they are Nailene - thanks!!

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