Friday, January 8, 2010

'Guest' Nails - China Glaze IDK

So I'm uploading pictures last night and I come across these nails.  What the hey? (as my mother would say).  Not my nails.  It appears my sister has highjacked my camera and started shooting her polished digits.  But her nails are awesome (naturally... seriously, she is the epitome of "anything you can do, I can do better" just genetically) so I figured I'd show them off for her.  I'm staying at home (my parents' house) while I'm sick (I know you have all been waiting with baited breath to see how I was doing - not so much improved).  J is terrified of getting sick.  When I had swine flu in September, he lived in his office.  I was all over the house, spreading sick germs like crazy - but he managed to survive my illness unharmed.  When he heard I was sick this week, he promptly announced, "I don't have time to be sick right now," - you know, as opposed to that week every year he sets aside to 'get sick.'  Thankfully for me, being on winter break and all, I have plenty of time to be sick, so I've been lounging all over my parents house, coughing and sneezing up a storm with people who do not mind my sick germs.

But enough about me being sick.  It's fun hanging out at home, whether I'm sick or not, and I've been polishing away here (although I only brought around 28 polishes with me).  So I have plenty of fun designs and colors to show you all but first, my sister's nails:

China Glaze IDK
My sister used China Glaze IDK as the base, topped with my favorite Konad design using the Konad special black polish.

Isn't the holo awesome?

Her pinky nail recently broke, so she hid it in some of the pictures.

Hope you're all staying healthy!!


Polish and Powder said...

that looks gorgeous, those CG OMG polishes are amazing, love em. Hope you are feeling better soon.....hugs xxx

Paige said...

Beautiful manicure!

Heather said...

The pictures I've seen on places like head2toebeauty make the OMG collection look boring, but then I see things like this and want them so bad! The design is cute, and I NEED this color!

Unknown said...

Thank you BabyD, I love them :)

Thanks gildedangel!

Heather - I totally agree! I had no interest in the OMG collection until I saw some swatches on tPF and on blogs - and then I was hooked!! Thanks :)

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