Monday, January 18, 2010

Tiffany Blues comparison

I love Tiffany's, but more than anything, I love their Little Blue Box (I even have a ceramic one!).  My friend Jana at tPF did a great Tiffany blue polish comparison that I am so excited to share.  I only own For Audrey and Mint Candy Apple, so it was really useful to see how Oh Tif and Greenport looked next to them.

Index: Diamond Cosmetics Oh Tif
Middle: China Glaze For Audrey
Ring: Essie Greenport
Pinky & Thumb: Essie Mint Candy Apple

Thanks for the great comparison shots Jana!!

So readers, which one is your favorite Tiffany blue?


Fiona M said...

For Audrey is the best Tiffany I think but Greenport is a great color!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

I am waiting for a "mail haul" bringing Oh Tif and For Audrey.....I have my little blue box ready!!! nice swatching.

Paige said...

Great comparison!

Niki* said...

I'm really down with Essie Greenport...gaah! Where do you all buy these in the states? They're near impossible to get in Canada and I have to order everything online.

Jana said...

Hi guys, thanks for the kind words about my swatches :)

Niki*, I snagged Greenport on ebay when it first came out. I think you can get it on amazon still now though.

Unknown said...

ScarletHolly, I LOVE For Audrey also. It is one of my favorites!! I have a back-up bottle too :) lol

yardsticks, I think Oh Tif looks really gorgeous - I can't wait to see a full mani when you get yours.

Thanks gildedangel!

Niki, I believe Greenport is still available at transdesign too.

Thanks again for the great swatches Jana!!

Niki* said...

UGH. Transdesign better open a special account for all the money I throw at them. Thanks ladies :)

Gabriela said...

Thanks a lot for the comparison. These blue colors are great and gorgeous!

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