Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Zoya Kiki - a Pink I Just Don't Love

I love pink.  I mean, I REALLY, REALLY love pink.  I have pink furniture, a pink chandelier, pink towels, pink heels, a pink computer, and lots and lots of pink nail polish.  I am just drawn to pink.  (Ok, obsessed!)  So I was fully expecting to adore Zoya Kiki, a shimmery pink from one of my favorite polish brands.  I like Kiki - it looks really pretty in the bottle.  But I just don't love it.  Check it out:

Zoya Kiki
Zoya Kiki is a hot pink with loads of shimmer.  Normally I love hot pink, but this one verges on neon - and I'm just not a glittery-neon-polish kinda gal.
I also can't get this one to photograph right - I think it is because it is a nearly-neon.
I don't hate it, and I know I'll wear it.  I just don't love-love it.
I do love the name though!  My beloved late great-aunt had a cat she just adored named Kiki Jen and the name of this polish is very nostalgic for me.

I saw swatch pictures before I ordered and I understand why they were off - this color is just so hard to capture.  This is what Kiki looks like with flash:

IRL, it doesn't have as much blue/purple undertone.

So what do you think?  Like it, love it, or swap it?


L said...

Oh man! I need to get this.

Unknown said...

Glad you like it L!

Niki* said...

I love bold pinks but there's just something about this one that i have to agree is just not doing it for me.

chuckabiddy said...

I hate shimmer polishes :S no idea why, but I haaaate them. I like bold block colours or glittery ones.

Put one of the cool patterns you do over this...maybe then you'll like it more?

Nicole said...

Oh man, Zoya Kiki is the favorite of my six Zoya polishes! Haha. That's so funny! I could NOT stop staring at it, I wore it this summer both on my nails and my toes and I thought it was a stunner. But it's very bright and over the top, for sure!

Paige said...

I am loving this pink!

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting Niki!

Chuckabiddy, I should try that! I used it as a stamping polish and liked it better that way. Shimmery polishes have really grown on me over the past six months - I didn't like them as much before though!

Nicole, I'm going to try it again in the spring/summer - I bet I'll love it more during those warm, sunny months. I'm glad you like it though!!

Thanks gilded!!

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