Saturday, February 13, 2010

And the WINNER is...

So how many of you guessed the correct name for Anne-Marie's mystery polish - the Sephora by OPI Beauty Junkie dupe?  There were lots of great guesses...

-OPI Boris and Natasha
-OPI Suzi Says Da
-OPI Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ
-OPI We'll Always Have Paris
-OPI All Lacquered Up
-OPI Can You Tapas This?
-OPI Vampire State Building
-OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
-OPI Can't a Berry Have Some Fun?
-OPI Bastille My Heart

Click HERE to see what the mystery OPI was... 
and to see if you're the winner!!

ps: Anne-Marie is totally awesome... there isn't just one winner!



That was a fun game! Thanks for playing, ladies!

- said...

It was so much fun to guess! I so love to play - I think I checked 4 times to be sure it was really me. =) Thank you to you and Anne-Marie! :)

Unknown said...

You're welcome!! It was all Anne-Marie - she's great, isn't she? Congrats on winning!! I'm excited for you!!

We still have another winner out there... come claim your prize winner number 2!!

Rhea said...

I would love to play this again someday :) It was a great idea!
And congratz to the winners!

Unknown said...

^^ I so agree!! Anne-Marie had a great idea. I'm going to have to do this sometime!

Sandi said...

It kind of sucks that us latecomers can't see the answer because the blog you've linked to is open to pre-approved readers only. Maybe you could come in and edit in the answer so the rest of us know what the mystery color was?

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