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Diamond Cosmetics - Spring 2010

Diamond Cosmetics
Spring 2010 Collection
Diamond Cosmetics' Spring 2010 Polish Collection is loaded with fun spring shades in pinks, blues, and orange.  There are lots of jelly-based shaded, which are perfect for these coming warmer months - plus, I love all of the shimmer!

I tend to order things beginning with my favorite, and this review is no exception.  Razzmatazz was the stunning star of the show and my absolute favorite.  It is a beautiful, beautiful polish.  Razzmatazz is an iridescent jelly-based rose with a moderate amount of microglitter.  The formula is excellent - thin and quick drying, yet it covered with just two coats (although as a notorious over-polisher, I am wearing three coats here).  I really love this pink and I don't have any other shades like it.  In some lights, it was warmer and in others it had a dustier aspect.  It is almost a duochrome also (I spent a LONG TIME staring at my nails debating if this one was a duo - it really is right on the line between duo and solid).  Really pretty.  Plus, at $2.25 a bottle, you can't beat it.

Serendipity was the very, very close second to Razzmatazz.  I knew I would like this one the instant I saw it.  Serendipity is a light silvery blue with hints of grey - a very 'now' color.  It has a minimal amount of extremely fine silver microshimmer.  Serendipity covered in three coats, but like Razzmatazz, it dried fairly quickly.  Again, I don't own any colors just like this one - it feels pretty unique to me.

Hot Lips
My third favorite is definitely Hot Lips, which I am currently wearing.  Hot Lips is quite appropriately named - it is a hot fuchsia-toned jelly.  Hot Lips applied very nicely and covered with two quick-drying coats.  I think this is a super fun shade and I love the way jelly-based polishes give that light, slightly opaque look near the edge of the nail.  Jellies just seem so appropriate for spring.

Gypsy Pink
Gypsy Pink is one that I was a little wary of in the bottle.  It looks pretty red (and I'm not a huge-huge fan of red), but it has some silver swirls through it that really intrigued me.  I was really impressed with Gypsy Pink though once I put it on my nails.  First of all, it covered with one coat!!  Yippee!  I just love discovering one-coaters.  Plus, it turns out it is actually a pink - not a red.  Gypsy Pink is a deep hot pink with a minimal amount of fine microshimmer.    It is slightly frosty but not so much that brushstrokes become visible.  This one really surprised me - and I like it!

Tranquility is certainly one to add to the Tiffany blue line (like Diamond's Oh, Tif!, China Glaze's For Audrey, ORLY's Gumdrop, and Essie's Greenport).  It is a thick robin's egg blue creme with no shimmer or frost.  It covered with one coat, but it was thick and a bit difficult to work with (some polish thinner may have helped that).  I love the color - I'm a huge fan of Tiffany blues.  I'd like to see how it compares to some of the other Tiffany's.
Another thing?  I love the name :)  Makes me think of the lake house we visit each summer!

Orange Blush
Ok, admittedly, I'm not an orange polish kind of girl.  When Elle Woods was told that orange is the new pink, trust me - I nearly cried.  I'm a pink polish lover and I tend to shy away from oranges (except on October 31).  But Orange Blush really surprised me, mainly because it is a jelly-based orange rather than a creme.  This gave it a slightly sheer aspect that made it so summery and fun - almost like a melting orangesicle on a hot summer afternoon.  I used three coats to get full coverage, but each coat dried fairly fast.  The color really reminded me of the beautiful Koi you see swimming in those fancy ponds.

pictured left to right:
Super Dry, Razzmaztazz, Serendipity, Hot Lips, Gypsy Pink, Tranquility, 
Orange Blush, Super Base

All Diamond Cosmetics polishes are free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl, DBP, and Camphor.  All Diamond Cosmetics polishes can be purchased at for only $2.25 each!  The Spring 2010 collection is available now.

These products were sent to me for review purposes.


Paige said...

Ooo, those are beautiful!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks gildedangel!!

Joanna said...

omg! the orange blush one is so pretty! i also love the Tranquility colour ^_^

- said...

Hot Lips looks HOT on you. From all the swatches, it's my fav. I can't resist a hot pink jelly. <3

Unknown said...

Joanna, glad you love Orange Blush and Tranquility!!

Thanks so much JellyNat!! I really like Hot Lips :) I totally agree - and I think hot pink jellies are a bit of a rarity too (so many are cremes).

Kelsey said...

Hot lips is beautiful!!!!!

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