Saturday, February 6, 2010

Guest Blogger, Giveaway Game, and Dupe Alert!!

Brooke has offered us a smorgasbord of yummy pink polishes to complement The Love Month, but in honor of today's blizzard conditions, she has asked me to treat you to a more subdued winter hue.

In January, I posted this photo on my blog, and my friend Liz promptly 
responded with a question about the polish shade.

"Are you wearing OPI ***?" she asked. "It looks like the color I'm wearing!"

Now, Liz and I typically infatuate ourselves with similar nail hues, so we wouldn't have been surprised to discover we boasted the same color simultaneously.  But that time I had to confess that the shade I wore was a bit of a knock-off.

In the photo, I had donned Sephora by OPI "Beauty Junkie," a deep burgundy which is both classy and winter appropriate.  The Sephora by OPI brand is indeed durably comparable to the original OPI line, and its commitment to green ingredients excludes formaldehyde, DBP, and toluene.  At $9 per bottle, the nail wear isn't a terrible deal if you're searching for a shade not offered by standard OPI.  And if you happen to be strolling through Sephora's makeup aisles.

Here's the thing, though: Liz and I have discovered that the hues offered by Sephora by OPI aren't distinct enough from standard OPI to merit the extra $1+ in cost.  To prove it, check out these photos of me wearing Sephora by OPI "Beauty Junkie" and the corresponding OPI shade which Liz wore.

Exhibit A

Sephora by OPI "Beauty Junkie"

Exhibit B

OPI mystery shade

Aside from the lighting (sorry), the shades look nearly identical.
And I only paid $8 for the OPI mystery shade at local boutique.

(PS: click on images to enlarge!)

My conclusion?  You'll shop smarter by sticking to the standard OPI brand and foregoing Sephora's knock-off, albeit pricier line.

(Even better if you can snag a polish on Amazon, of course.)

So, wanna play a Giveaway Game?  Guess the OPI lookalike shade which virtually matches Sephora's "Beauty Junkie" (both pictured above), and Brooke and I will mail one lucky winner a free bottle of the mystery polish!  We'll draw names if multiple readers guess correctly.  The polish name - and winner - will be announced on February 13 at RieWrites.

Let the games begin!

Anne-Marie is the editor of the hilarious and beautifully written blog RieWrites, as well as co-editor, along with pal Kate, of Another Shoreline in Baltimore, a great blog about - you guessed it! Baltimore.  She is also my good friend, fellow grad student, and the person who motivated me to spruce up my blog and get writing (and polishing)!  Her spunky dog, Dixie, and her gorgeous nails make frequent guest appearances on both blogs.

Click HERE to see what the mystery OPI was... and to see if you're the winner!!


Kristina said...

Ooh, cool! My guess for the mystery OPI is Boris & Natasha. (Can I guess more than once? If so, my second guess is Suzi Says Da, but if not, please consider B&N my guess!) :)

If you need my email for this, you can reach me at kmbirkel (at) gmail. Thanks! :)

rottenotter said...

I'm going to have to go with Boris and Natasha too, there isn't any other colour I can think of


Jessica D. said...

definitely looks like Boris & Natasha to me!

Reiko said...

I'm guessing it's Mrs. O'Leary's BBQ

Liz said...

Ok I guess I will not cheat and give it away since I already have this polish! Keep the guesses coming though, girls-- this is one of my favorite polishes!

Another negative for the Sephora OPIs, for me, is that they don't have the pro-wide flat brush I love-- but some of you said earlier you preferred the regular brushes. Worth an extra dollar?


This is so fun! Keep guessin', ladies!

Liz, I totally forgot to mention the difference between the brushes. Thanks for bringing it up! Personally, I manage a better paint job with Sephora by OPI's regular brush, but OPI's pro-wide flat brush is one of its selling points.

I'm also wondering - Does OPI offer the same green ingredients as Sephora by OPI?

Unknown said...

We'll always have paris?

i don't know. never owned an opi nail poilish before.

but heres my email:

Smoochiefrog said...

I'm so not good at this!

I'm choosing We'll Always Have Paris.

Unknown said...

Anne-Marie - OPI polishes are free of those big three just like the $OPI polishes. Personally, I like the medium-width brushes (like China Glaze. I feel like OPI brushes are too wide, although I do like that they are flat.

These are good guesses :)

Mai said...

Hmmm maybe OPI All Lacquered Up?

throuthehaze said...

I think it looks like Boris & Natasha
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Pink Ginger said...

Fun! Though it looks a lot like Boris and Natasha,I'm going to guess Can You Tapas This just to be different :)

Isa :) said...

I'll go for OpiI We'll always have Paris :)

Paige said...

I am guessing OPI Vampire State Building!

- said...

Fun game!
My guess goes to OPI Can You Tapas This.
blog.jelly at gmail dot com

Rhea said...

wow, this is such a great idea for a giveaway, cool!
my guess is OPI Boris and Natasha, sure does look like it.

Glo said...

I think it's Boris & Natasha

Dani said...

Really great idea. I'm guessing Boris and Natasha, and it looks pretty. My emails is

Unknown said...

Mrs O'Learys BBQ

♥ julie said...

Could it be Lincoln Park After Dark? I've been craving a mani/pedi in that color for weeks now!

Gabriela said...

It`s dificcult but my guess is OPI Boris and Natasha.

Heather S said...

Mrs O Learys BBQ!!

hmahan_0529 @yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I bought OPI Can't A Berry Have Some Fun? for my sister and it looks pretty similar so I'm going with that one.

Life's Simple Pleasures said...

How about Bastille My Heart?

reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

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