Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me! Zoya Brooke - Day 11 of 14 Days of February Pinks

Happy Birthday - to me!

Today is my 24th birthday.  I am still shocked that I'm 24.  Time passes so quickly.  I remember on my 10th birthday being amazed that I was an entire decade old - I couldn't believe I was ten years into my life.  I was wearing a pink sweatshirt with cats and balloons and curly ribbons that my mom had bought just for my birthday and I was waiting for that knowledge to hit me - that truth and realization that is supposed to come with each passing year.  A few years before that birthday, on my 4th, I remember standing beside the kitchen counter asking my dad why my head didn't reach the top yet.  I had been waiting for my birthday for days, eager to grow (quite literally) into a four-year-old.

But I am 24 today and I do not feel any taller or smarter than I did yesterday - I just feel a teensy bit older.  And while the excitement of growing older faded after I passed 21, there are a lot of great things to look forward to as a 24 year old.  I'll be finishing grad school this May and as a 24 year old, I'll be discovering what it's like to teach my first college course.  And there will be the lesser-celebrated events, like that week I'll visit my parents in June, and my sister's 20th birthday (now that makes me feel really old!), and growing sunflowers in July.  Being 24 may make me a year older, but I have every expectation that I will have a just as wonderful year being 24 as I did being 10, or even 4.  Because while we grow a little bit older with each passing year, we also get the chance to experience even more out of life every single day - and that is the best part of growing up.

Since today is my birthday, I pulled out an old favorite and one that I am nearly out of - OPI  The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush.  Remember how I said OPI Shorts Story was my favorite pink?  Well Lifeguard Makes Me Blush is that next runner up.  BUT Lifeguard was gone :(  Basically completely dried up.  I still can't throw it away though - it's a favorite.  I'm so sad :(  Anyone have a bottle they would want to trade for something?

OPI The Lifeguard Makes Me Blush

So instead I have Zoya Brooke today!  

Zoya Brooke
A lot of my polish purchases are influenced by the fun polish names, but I really purchased this one based on name alone - it could have been any color and I would have bought it!
Brooke is a deep fuchsia with hints of purple and red.  In the bottle, there appears to be a medium amount of microshimmer, but on my nails it is very subtle.  There is a slight blue iridesence.  In natural light, it looks pink, but in poor lighting (like we are currently having this snowy day) it is redder.  The first picture is extremely accurate.
I am so glad I love this color :)

Want to see more pictures of Brooke?
Check out one of my first polish posts on Babbling Brooke :)

For the Konad design, I used plate m64 with Color Club Worth the Risque.

and of course, dogs in snow :)

PS: Check back later today - I have something exciting coming!!



Your nails are looking fabulous today, Birthday Girl! So glad you got the snow day you had hoped for!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Anne-Marie!! It is nice just relaxing and enjoying the day :)

Amberski said...

Happy Birthday! That Zoya looks great on you.

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

Happy birthday! I'd totally buy a polish if it has my name on it :-)

polishedlyrics said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to a fantastic birthday, do everything and anything your heart desires, it is your day!

You've accomplished quite a bit to only be 24! Goodness I'm still working towards my Bacholors degree, talk about depressing.

I'll keep an eye out for this OPI for you.

Polish Hoarder said...

Happy Birthday! Those are beautiful pinks!

Tierney said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Stiletto said...

LOVE the mani!

but more importantly....


I hope it's your best year yet!

Swtest2Lips said...

Happy Birthday Brooke!! Wishing you a wonderful year with filled with happiness and success! ~hugs~

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! Your the exact same age as me, except my b-day's in April. I'm always glad to come across another '86er, lol! Hope you have a great one!

adorepink said...

Happy Birthday! Also, Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! I wish you many more years of happiness and success! Loving the 14 days of pink as usual! I have Zoya Brooke as well.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday girl!Time passes so quickly!I'm 23 and sometimes I don't want to get older!I wish you all the best with lots of love, happiness and health!!

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Happy Birthday, love! My hope for you is another year of beautiful!

(great pink, btw... ;* )


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you're having a wonderful day.
This is a beautiful pink, I don't blame you for wanting it! I really don't like the look of Zoya Nicole, no matter how hard I try I just don't like it. Haha! So I won't be getting it. I wish it were more like this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat!
That OPI is sure pretty. What a shame you're out! Maybe someone will have a bottle of it somewhere for you.

Colette said...

Happy Birthday!

If Lifeguard is just dried up, and not really gone, get some polish thinner & put some in there - I'm talking about pour the bottle half full or so - and shake it up! (And maybe stir - and then shake some more LOL) You may be able to save it =) I revived a couple 15-year old bottles of Urban Decaythis way that were dried to a crust & now are wearable once again.

Velvet said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Wait til you turn! The body gets older but the mind and heart stay young. It's weird. Because you gain experience as you age. But there's the core inner you that forever stays the same. Beautiful polish,love it!

Arie said...

Hi Brooke , god! I am behind my reading blogs so bad.
Happy birthday!!
I wanted to guess the Opi, but I only own one Opi lol ^_^
Love the pic of your Doggies :)

Paige said...

Happy birthday!!!

Smoochiefrog said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! Hope you have a great one!

Euridice said...

Happy birthday, Brooke!! Sorry your fave polish of the day was not cooperating, but I LOVE Zoya Brooke, and I think it is perfect for you! I hope you've been having a great birthday.

Niki* said...

Happy Birthday Brooke! I wish you much happiness in your 24th year and beyond!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amerski!!

Halifax, I'm glad you would too :) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Jessica!! That is really kind of you! and don't be depressed - everyone has different experiences :)

Thanks Polish Hoarder!

Thak you Tierney!!

Thanks so much PowerLifterChick!! :)

aww, thank you Swtest2Lips!!

Thanks Perfect10beauty- its fun to know another '86er!!

Thank you AdorePink!! These 14 days of Pink are right up your alley :) You're the first person I've met that has Zoya Brooke too!!

Katie - thank you! It is so weird, isn't it? Time just flies! and I know what you mean about not wanting to get older (of course, then my parents remind how old THEY are if I'm this old, lol). Thanks for the nice comment!!

Thanks so much Tiffani!! :)

Thank you Nicole!! That's too bad that Zoya Nicole isn't too pretty :( BUT at least there is a whole 'Nicole' line of polishes :) and they have lots of great colors! I hope I can come across another OPI Lifeguard... without paying an arm and a leg on ebay! lol

Sasha said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry I'm a little late! How I wish I was still 24! :-)

krisprimps said...

Happy Birthday! :)

Witoxicity said...

I really love that fuschia red of Brooke! How nice to find a nail polish with your name AND with a colour that's so pretty like this! :)

Brittney said...

hey i have a mini 'the lifeguard makes me blush' if u want we can trade/swap i don't like pinks

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