Friday, February 5, 2010

Lippmann Constant Craving - Day 5 of 14 Days of February Pinks

Today is day 5 in our 14 Days of February Pinks.  Yahoo!
Getting closer and closer to Valentine's Day :) 

Lippmann Constant Craving
I LOVE this!!  I wore Lippmann Collection Constant Craving yesterday to my first day teaching, but today I put some fun polka dots on top using Nailene's new White Skinny Tip Pen.  Loving Lippmann's Constant Craving, loving Nailene's Skinny pen!!
Constant Craving looks a little lilacy in this picture - it is actually a pure pink :)

Lippmann Constant Craving
This picture was taken without flash and represents the true color best.  Constant Craving is a medium-light pink creme.  It covered perfectly with just two coats and dried quickly.  Constant Craving has no glitter or shimmer.  It is a pretty, fun slightly dark 'Barbie Pink.' GildedAngel was trying to define 'Barbie Pink' a few days ago - what makes us think of Barbie when we see light pinks? (PS: Check out her Barbie Pinks series starting today).  The image above is pretty close to real life.  I wish I could have gotten one that wasn't blurry, but its so grey out with that snow storm coming. 

I'll give you some more information on Nailene's Skinny Tip Pen soon - I've only tried it for these dots, but I'm always looking for a great dotting tool and this worked so nicely.

Have a nice Friday everyone!!


Paige said...

That is very cute!!!

Michèle said...

Polka dots make me happy!! Very cute mani, and gorgeous shade of pink :-)

Denysia said...

LOVE the nails! This is totally Valentine's day worthy! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks GildedAngel!

Michele - they make me so happy too!! I just adore polka dots :) Thanks!!

Thanks Denysia!! I'm glad you think so too :D

Rebekah said...

OOOO so gorgeous!! love it!

HAMMERxBAM said...

cute! from the thumbnail picture i thought you did this using the full nail image from the new konad plates!

Makeup Theory said...

Deborah Lippmann has great nail colors and she's a cool person. We worked together when I lived in NYC.

Rena said...

OOH!!! so cute! i think i'm going to do this too before my nails break! just need to get some pink and white nail polish!

<33 rena

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Raw Vegan!!

Hammer, I wish!! I want that one so much - but this is nice for not-perfect polka dots, and that will be nice for those symettrical ones :) Thank you!!

Makeup Theory - JEALOUS!! That's so awesome!! I just discovered Lippmann polishes and it's LOVE at first sight. I'm doing an entire Lippmann post after Valentine's day :)

Thanks so much Rena!! I lost a nail today :( (well, I was forced to file it down to nothing). it's so sad when that happens!

Kelsey said...

I love the polkadots!

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