Monday, February 1, 2010

My favorite pink polish! OPI Shorts Story - Day 1 of 14 Pinks

Happy February, Readers!

To kick off the first 14 days of this fabulous month, I will be posting all pink polishes :)  These fourteen days leading up to Valentine's Day will be all pink because Valentine's Day is known for the perky hue, but also because my birthday is on day eleven and as you all know, I ADORE pink!

So welcome to the 14 Days of February Pinks!  Today I have my ALL TIME FAVORITE pink polish.  I just love this color pink.  I bought it at the end of last May and by early July, I had nearly finished the bottle and was ordering a new one!  I am in desperate need of a new bottle (or two) of this one because it is a color I just can't be without.  Introducing...

OPI Shorts Story!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this polish!  It applies beautifully, covers well with just two coats, dries pretty fast, and looks GORGEOUS!  Yeah, I am totally smitten with this color - it can do no wrong.  It is my absolute favorite pink ever (and trust me, over the next 13 days you'll see many close contenders).
This was a hard one to photograph.  For the sake of Shorts Story, I built a lightbox.  By 'built a lightbox' I mean that I bought a $5 clip-on light and a couple of clear bulbs and stuck the light on the side of the only box I could find - a big pink Rubbermaid container.  But once I started snapping photos in my lightbox, they came out much more color accurate.  The image above is nearly spot-on, which I'm very happy about.

And then I dismantled my wonderful light box when my mother stopped by later that afternoon and coerced me into organizing my closet.  My lightbox is now full of old shoes that I imagine I may wear again someday (and my mother is probably rightly convinced I will not).  So, long story short (I amaze myself with how unintentionally clever I can be!), these two photos are NOT color accurate because said lightbox has once again been returned to its former glorious state of storage bin.
The photo on the right, with flash, is more accurate than that on the left.  But these two photos are not for accuracy purposes - they are for the sake of showing off a lovely little Konad design.  Hello plate m64!

OPI Shorts Story - color accurate
Blue-toned (cool) hot pink creme.
No shimmer, no glitter, no frost.  Just pure, awesome pink.

left: Shorts Story, no flash    right, Shorts Story, flash
without the flash, it appears redder, with flash, it takes on a purpler tone.

Thanks for checking out my favorite pink polish :)
Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing everyone for more pink polish tomorrow!


Gina (Prim and Polished) said...

Love the pinks idea!! Gorgeous! Love it!!!! You're so good at Konading!!

I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!

polishedlyrics said...

Great idea for 14 days of pink! I might sorta copy your idea with pinks and reds though!

Beautiful polish!

L said...

This is really pretty!

Paige said...

That is such a cute pink!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Gina!! and thank you for the award! That is so sweet :)

Thanks Jessica - and please do borrow my idea! I'd love to see some Valentine's pinks and reds :)

Thanks so much L and Gildedangel!!

Rebecca said...

This is a great idea for a post series, and that is a beautiful pink :)

kelsealaurel said...

Omg your nails look amazing!!! I need to get my hands on that Essie Billionails. I was contemplating buying it, but decided not to. I didn't think it would work as well as it did for you! Awesome. And cute color, too!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

I love the konad! That is my favourite plate. The pink is also very cute. ;)

Rebekah said...

gorgeouuus, love it!! ..Hitting ebay now for it :)

Anonymous said...

love that pink

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Rebecca!!

Thanks KelseaLaurel!!! :) I LOVE that stuff. I believe on the hand in this pictures I have a glue on nail on my index finger and middle fingers because they are still short and sad (I tore them both), but the other three on this hand and all of the others on my right hand are Billionails :)

Thanks so much Kirsten! I love this plate too :)

thanks raw_vegan!! I'd love to see it on your nails!

Thanks so much Ange-Marie!

Pink Ginger said...

I love pink too :) I can see why you love this one. It is beautiful!

adorepink said...

So, um, yeah. TOTALLY with you on this one. I love pink as well. So excited about these 14 days of pink. Yay!

jo.frougal said...

That is as pink as pink will ever get! (Or maybe until I see the next 14 other pinks you're featuring? lol) Congratulations on your lightbox. I appreciate the color accuracy, it's very obvious it does make a huge difference. So thanks for making the effort.

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