Saturday, February 13, 2010

OPI In Sync With Pink - Day 13 of 14 Days of February Pinks

Wow, tomorrow is our last day of February Pinks!!  I still have a bunch of pinks I meant to use for this 14 Days pink polish extravaganza - but I've got to admit, it will be VERY NICE to wear a different color come Monday.  For my birthday, my sister gifted me a polish I have been DESPERATELY wanting, so I am really excited to try it out soon :)

For our 13th day of February Pink Polishes, I have (yet another) OPI - In Sync With Pink!!  Ok, can someone tell me if this polish is somehow related to N'Sync?  I have been wondering this since I bought it about a year ago.

OPI In Sync With Pink

OPI In Sync With Pink is an awesome pink.  During these last two weeks, I've discovered that I certainly like some of my pink polishes better than others - this one ranks up near the top.   It is a blue-toned cool hot pink (that always sounds so contradictory, doesn't it?) with no glitter or shimmer.  It is probably a dupe for something - it isn't particularly unique, but it is really pretty.  It covered with three coats and dried faster than most OPI polishes.  It is warmer and a bit brighter/hotter than it appears in these pictures (on my screen at least).

And I tried to do Valentinesy hearts, but I messed them up.
So here are the two half-decent nails:

I watched Transformers 2 while I painted this one.  Oh my goodness, could they have drawn that movie out any longer?  My sister walked away for 20 minutes and returned to the same fight scene!  It was like the neverending movie.  This is the kind of stuff I end up watching when Redbox is sold out of everything else.

Oh, and I have to tell you guys about this:  The two kids I babysit wanted to surprise me on birthday, so they lured me to their house by telling me their mother needed to run some errands for an hour.  When I got there, they had written a song for me - which the girl sang (along with her friend) while the boy played guitar (he's really good at guitar).  They even burned a CD of it for me!  Then they surprised me with heart shaped cupcakes that they made, a balloon, a giftcard to my favorite vegetarian restaurant, and (this was adorable) confetti that they had made by coloring paper with scented markers and cutting it up.  It was BEYOND sweet.  I was just blown away by their kindness.  They are such awesome kids!!!!

I'll have the winner to Anne-Marie's mystery OPI for you later today, plus pictures of my major hair transformation (OMG!).  Check back later on!


Paige said...

That is a lovely pink!

Rhea said...

it's so pretty, and omg, u r exactly 400 followers right now :)

Unknown said...

Awe! The kids definitely love you to pieces!
I absolutely love your swatches and reviews! Thanks!

Unknown said...

aww, thanks wolfecindy!!

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