Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OPI Strawberry Margarita - Day 2 of 14 Days of February Pinks

Emily says, Happy Groundhog day!!

I've watched Groundhog Day nearly every year for the past oh, fifteen years.  I am really big on traditions - well some traditions, like those involving movies.  I love this movie, mainly because it reminds me of how excited I used to get over holidays, even those as uncelebratory as Groundhog Day.  So I'm going to go dig around and see if I can locate a VHS player to pop Groundhog Day into tonight.  Anyone else love this movie?

I am REALLY hoping that The Daily Nail will paint tiny groundhogs on her nails.  That would totally make my day :)  As for me, I'm wearing pink!  

For day two of 14 Days of February Pinks, I have OPI Strawberry Margarita.  This is my second bottle of this color and I am 99% positive that my first bottle was a slightly different shade, which I find kind of weird.  But seeing as how bottle one is nearly empty (and pretty goopy), we're going with bottle two today :)

I used to wear this shade all the time - I was obsessed with it!  But I haven't worn it for nearly a year.  Polishing with it today made me remember how much I really like this one.  Plus, the name is adorable - I LOVE strawberry margaritas (yummm).

OPI Strawberry Margarita
I used four coats for full coverage (I really thought my first bottle covered in two-three coats though).  It applies nicely and dries, eh, medium/slow speed?  Certainly not fast.  Strawberry Margarita is from OPI's 2006 Mexico collection, which also includes My Chihuahua Bites! (which I love entirely for the name), as well as two other favorites: OPI Por Favor and A Dozen Rosas.  Oddly, my mom owns all four of these Mexico polishes - I never realized she had so much of the Mexico collection!  I believe I have OPI Por Favor, but I'm not positive.  This is a fun, bright, warm summery pink with subtle tones of orange.  I'd call it watermelon - but by watermelon I don't mean the actual fruit, I mean the color people typically describe as watermelon.  With two-three coats, it has a slightly sheer aspect that is actually nice, light, and summery.

Also, I'm having a little Call for Bloggers.  If anyone is interested in guest blogging on Babbling Brooke, send me a message at BlogBabblingBrooke@gmail.com.  It's fun here!

Have a great Groundhog Day everyone!!


polishedlyrics said...

Very pretty! Pinks look great on you.

salla said...

I love the name of this. I really want it only because I love Strawberry Margaritas so much :D

yardsticks 4 lunatics said...

Only one of the best movies, EVER! I've been quoting it all day...
great color!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Jessica :) I just love pink polish. It would be devastating if they looked terrible on me (like, say, peach does!) lol.

OH S, a polish lover like me!! I don't even want to know how many polishes I've bought just for the name! haha

yardsticks - AWESOME!! I love that you've been quoting it all day - that rocks. I've had that song stuck on repeat in my brain all afternoon :)

Paige said...

Very pretty color!

jo.frougal said...

Brooke, pink really complements your skin tone very nicely, and the colors you've posted so far really look good on you. Great choice!

Arie said...

So pretty! aww I miss spring !! your fingers look like flower petals :)
Hey check iceomaticsnails blog , she did the cutest groundhog!! ;)

Arie said...

...And Emily looks so adorable!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Gildedangel!

Thank you Jo! I appreciate it :)

Thanks Arie! And I am so glad someone did groundhogs - I'll go check that out right now. Thanks for sharing it with me. And thanks about Emily :) I love that little dog.

hillary said...

You aren't imagining things. The formulation is undergoing changes and it often takes 3 coats or more for coverage. Shades are slightly altered as well (Bubble Bath, for example).

Unknown said...

Hillary, I had no idea!! Glad it wasn't my imagination!! :(

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