Wednesday, February 10, 2010

OPI That's Hot, Princesses Rule! - Day 10 of 14 Days of February Pinks

OPI That's Hot Pink and OPI Princesses Rule!
OK, this whole 14 Days of February Pinks has really shed a lot of light on my OPI pink polish addiction.  I have A LOT of pink OPI polishes!  Yeeks!  Where did they all come from?  I just keep pulling out more and more - but I really don't want this to be "14 Days of Pink OPI Polishes," you know?  I have plenty of other brands that I love too.  I guess the REAL PROBLEM is just that I have way too many pink polishes in general.  Well, not too many.  Just a lot :)

But back to the pink OPI polishes at hand!

OPI That's Hot Pink
Does this look blurry to you?  For some reason all of my pictures of this polish were blurry - what happened here?  That's Hot Pink was darker than I expected - a little more on the red side than I wanted.  I like it a lot more topped with Princesses Rule.  Color aside, That's Hot Pink applied nicely but dried kind of slow.

Tomorrow is my birthday!!
And it looks like we're TOTALLY snowed in, so no work or school!
For the last few months, I've been (jokingly) hoping for a massive storm on my birthday so I wouldn't have class (since I don't get home until after 10 PM on Thursdays).  Well, looks like my wish came true!  But I'm actually pretty bummed about missing the class I teach because we are getting so behind with all these snow days!
It's also kind of crazy that we have all of this snow because last year it was 72 degrees outside on my birthday - the warmest it's ever been on February 11!  And I totally LOVED it.
But if you're born during a snowstorm, I guess you have to expect there to be snowstorms on your birthday.  Might as well live it up - I'm off to hunt down a sled!

Have a nice Wednesday everyone - and if you're getting clobbered with this record-breaking double whammy of a snowstorm too, go out and have a little fun in it, because this is like nothing we've ever had before - and that in and of itself is pretty exciting!

Oh, and a little PS-style reminder (I always hate when I find out about a giveaway only when the winner is announced, so I don't want you to miss out!):

Only 4 more days to enter my polish giveaway!!
I'm drawing the winner early in the morning February 15 :)

and 3 days for our mystery polish giveaway!


Daph_ said...

Nice combination! I love my Princesses rule!, it's my favorite OPI :)

Liz said...

Don't feel bad about all your pinks- this series is making me feel a LOT less guilty about owning so many taupes and browns! : ) Happy early birthday, Brooke!

Today I am wearing Anne-Marie's mystery shade-- don't forget to make your guesses for that one, too, ladies!

Anonymous said...

Wow, OPI Hot Pink reminds me of bubblegum! I defintiely have my sights set on that color for the Spring. Would be a fun Easter color.

L said...

This is really pretty!

Velvet said...

Oh I have both of these polishes. I'll have to wear them together. They look gorgeous together. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

ainos2 said...

Gorgeous color on you!

Geez...I've had the perfect person to ask my pink question under my nose all this time!

I Love pink, I have a lot of pink in my stash- but- none of them look right with my skin tone! Any recommendations for a medium pink in the neutral/leaning to warm without being coral?

Dani said...

Oooh, I like that Princesses rule. You do have a lot of gorgeous pinks and this is a great combination. Can't wait to see what else you have coming up!

Paige said...

That is a gorgeous combination!

Unknown said...

those pinks are so so hot! I definately need to get OPI

Unknown said...

Oh I'm IN!!

Let me first tell you, though i don't often post here, I always read your blog, every day!!!
But at times I can't post or your blog doesn't even show up at my screen.. :/ No idea what that is...
Got it by some of the blogs.. :(
So know every time I put on pink..I always think of Brooke! =D

And I hope you have a smashing birthday tomorrow!!

jo.frougal said...

Happy birthday, Brooke!!! Pink looks good on you, so go with it! Girl can't have too many pinks, or too much happiness.
God bless!

Unknown said...

Thanks Daph!

haha, I'm glad you have a similar polish obsession :) I wish I had more taupes! I really want Metro Chic after seeing your taupe comparision. Thanks for the happy early birthday :)

Perfect10 - it would be great for Easter!

Velvet - thank you!! and you should try it - I really like the combo!:)

Thanks L!

Ainos... that's a toughie.. neutral/leaning to warm medium pink... I love Shorts Story but its kind of bright. What about Don't Think, Just Pink? I have a ton of hot pinks... I'll need to look through my collection and get back to you! I'll have some suggestions by Sunday (I'm visiting my family for my birthday and only brought a limited selection of pinks with me :) so I'll have an answer for you soon!)

Thanks Danica!! Glad you're enjoying it :)

Thank you gildedangel!

London's Beauty - I think OPI has some wonderful, wonderful pinks.. and there are still so many I wish I had!

Unknown said...

Awww, Thess!! That was so sweet of you - I really appreciate your comment - that just made my day :) Thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog :) and thank you for the birthday wishes!

Thank you so much Jo - and I TOTALLY agree! we can never have too many pinks :D

ainos2 said...

Thank you Brooke!

Happy Birthday!!!

Charis said...

Happy birthday!
Lovely pinks! I especially love Princess Rule! Your days of pink remind me of the pink swatchapalooza I did...oh why must there be soooo many gorgeous pinks out there? hehe...

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