Friday, February 26, 2010

Red Easter Eggs? This one is just not working out!

Sally Hansen Endless Claret and Konad m79
Hmm... one of my worst manis ever?  Lets just say I wouldn't wear this one out of the house.  This Konad plate ended up stamping a lot larger than I pictured it would.  The only one I actually like is my index finger, but in that case I got the lower rows of the design all over my skin since I had to adjust the stamp lower to fit the rose in.  If my nails were longer, this design would have fit fine and likely looked a lot nicer.  This would have looked nicer had I been stamping more carefully as well.  This has been a rough, exhausting week and all I want to do is take a nap!  I have a massive timeline mapped out for the evening and Saturday and Sunday, so no naptime for a while.  Hopefully next weekend I'll have some time to nap though :)

I like Endless Claret.  Kind of silly name, but the color is really rich.  It has a medium amount of microshimmer and is slightly darker than it appears in pictures.  It covered nearly opaque with one coat, but I applied two.  I photographed it with the back of the bottle because there was a big neon pink "50% OFF" sticker on the front that totally clashed with the red polish!

So what are the weekend plans?  Please share!!
I hope everyone has had a nice week!


Unknown said...

me i love !!

Rebecca said...

I want to nap too! But my friend is coming to stay this weekend so I have no time to either. I don't next weekend either. 2 weekends until I can nap :p

Kelsey said...

pretty! I love this konad plate sooooo much!

Unknown said...

Thanks guys, I'm glad you weren't mortified by it! I couldn't get over how much they looked like red easter eggs to me.. haha.

Hope you're able to recoup in 2 weeks Rebecca!!

ThRiSzHa said...

ohh.. this is so nice... i cant wait for my new konad plates to arrive... i would definitely konadiCLONE this combi... so gorgeous!!

have a great weekend sweety!!

Paige said...

I love this, it is like a Christmas Easter egg!

Unknown said...

Thanks thriszha!! Hope you have a great weekend too!

hahaha, gildedangel - that's perfect! perfect description :)

Witoxicity said...

Wow, I must say that Endless Claret is gorgeous! It's such a proud and grand colour. :)

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