Friday, February 12, 2010

Zoya Jewell - Day 12 of 14 Days of February Pinks

Today is our 12th day of 14 Days of February Pinks.  Only two more pinks left!

Zoya Jewell
Today I'm wearing Zoya Jewell, a color I adore.  Unfortunately, the formula is a little thick and gloopy.  Jewell is a blue-toned pink creme.  It dried at a medium speed and pulled away from my tips after I topped it with Seche Vite, which is kind of odd.  Otherwise, gorgeous color.  The top picture is pretty accurate, although it is a bit warmer and brighter in real life.

I'm getting a haircut today - YIKES!!  I haven't had one in nearly two years, so I'm kind of terrified of how short my hair is going to end up.  I adore my hairstylist - but she is determined to get my hair SHORT.  I'll post before and after pictures tomorrow!

Have a nice Friday everyone - and thank you all for the kind birthday wishes yesterday!!


kelsealaurel said...

Dude your nails are looking fantastic lately!!! I can't wait my nails to get to where yours are!!! =)

I'm liking this pink. Bright and fun. I've been refusing to wear pink this week, but you're wearing enough of it for the both of us! haha.

Happy vday!!


p.s. can't wait to see your hair! I hope it's short =)

Paige said...

That is a gorgeous pink, and good luck with the hairdresser, I bet that it will turn out great!

Unknown said...

haha Kelsea, you crack me up :) Happy almost Vday to you too!! I'm LOVING the hair - I'll have pictures tmrw! Thanks Kelsea!! :)

Thanks so much gildedangel!! I am loving it!!

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Happy Birthday {on Thurs...} Brooke!! Hope your day was awesome! Love the pink polish btw :)
best wishes,

Unknown said...

Thanks so much Linda!! :D Happy (almost) Birthday to you!

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