Saturday, March 27, 2010

Babbling Brooke goes Shopping - Liberty of London!

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Target!

After reading Nail of the Week's blog while stuck at a conference yesterday, I fell madly in love with Target's Liberty of London line.  So yesterday afternoon my sister and I headed over to Target to check it out.  The verdict?  Love at first sight!

Commence early morning, makeup-free pictures...

My favorite piece?  This pretty pink shirt :)

While I don't love-love the shape, I am obsessed with this print.  It is so gorgeously retro!

This one is the same shape as the first, but I couldn't pass up this lovely print.

I am so excited that I finally got some new work clothes!  I also bought my first 2 pairs of Express jeans (my friend, Michelle, will be so proud).  They were buy one get one half off, plus I had a $30 off coupon, so they were $30 each (originally $60 each - yikes!).  Personally, I still think $30 for a pair of jeans is a lot, but I really, really need some new jeans to wear to work.  I also got a cute v-neck at Target and two pairs of work pants: long grey pinstripe flares and cropped black pants (which I absolutely adore).  I buy myself new clothing so rarely so it is really fun having all these new pieces.

Want to see the other Liberty of London things I am lusting after?

Seeing a 'pattern'?  This print = love :)

Have you seen Target's newest line?  Any loves of your own?

Liberty of London images copyright Target


Eve said...

I love all the flowerness of it!

Unknown said...

You're looking really pretty! and the all look so nice!

Unknown said...

Y - I am loving these floral prints!! I never wear prints (except polka dots! lol), so this is a fun change :)

Thanks Rhea! I'm loving them too!!

Get Nailed said...

These are SO FRIGGEN CUTE!! Are the cardi's from Target too? I'm always on the hunt for another cardigan :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Get Nailed!

The blue cardigan is from America Eagle (and was ridiculously overpriced at $45).
The white cardigan is from Target and was $7!! I got it on clearance last year.
The green cardigan was from Rugged Wearhouse, but originally Delia's - also $7!
I'm always looking for new cardigans also - I'm obsessed with them!!

Stephanie said...

I have the sateen sheath dress in pink and the same bedding you posted. I went a little nuts over this collaboration.

Sara Elizabeth said...

i had no idea liberty did a target line! i go to the actual liberty of london all the time!

~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard said...

I am not a fan, I try to avoid the trends and make my own way. I will admit that they are all really cute on you, but I suspect a burlap sack would be cute on you as well...maybe cuter! I like the color combos, just have never cared for that type of print.
These prints, though not very similar, remind me of Peter Maxx' art, like a loose copy of some sort. I do like Peter Maxx though...

Jean said...

I love the line so much, and I wanted to get one of the quilts, but my Target was sold out of the print I wanted, and it was sold out online!

I did pick up a pillow in the print I loved, though, and I got a wallet (it has a pink poppy print).

Linnie said...

Lovely clothes, very cute!!
But where is your coffeerhair???!! :D ghihi

Unknown said...

Stephanie, I'd love to see the dress on you!! The bedding is soo gorgeous :D

SEH, I'd LOVE to go to the actual Liberty of London store!! ahh!!

Elizabeth, that's great you make your own trends! I have absolutely NO fashion sense, so I am totally unable to do that :) haha. I'll have to look up Peter Maxx!

Jean, I know - everything sold out SO QUICKLY! Two of the shirts I got were the last ones on the rack and the lady working the dressing room said she didn't think there were any more in the back. Why doesn't Target make a larger inventory of this stuff? I LOVE the wallet :) I saw that online - so cute!!

Linnie, thanks!! and I know!! I'm like, blonde again! argh!! It is still darker than it was before, but it has been like, 5, maybe 6 washes now since the coffee and most of the color has faded. Although it does (amazingly) still smell like hazelnut roast when it is wet. I'm considering doing a semi-permanent box dye... but I'm kind of scared of doing it myself!!

polishedlyrics said...

You are too freaking cute!

I haven't heard of this new line at Target but I'm usually in my own world too, lol or maybe mine just doesn't have it yet who knows!?

I agree its always so nice to get some new clothes for work! I love cardigans too!

Kelsey said...

I love them! I wish they had looked this cute on me!!

I want to get that cute bedding :)

nihrida said...

It seems like everyone got obsessed with this Liberty of London stuff. =) Those t-shirt look like an overdose of flowers to me, I'd never wear them. But you know what? They look so cute on you. I like the last one best. It reminds me of Van Gogh.

Krystle said...

I get so bored at conferences too, I end up doodling on the sponsors paper they hand out instead of writing notes.

These clothes are so cute on you and I love the colours. I haven't seen anything like these in lil' old NZ though :(

Ice Queen said...

Love the housewares. I would love to do my bedroom in Liberty prints. :D I don't wear prints so I wouldn't buy the clothes.

I must say, they look great on you. Pretty colours and very flattering. Isn't it fun to have new clothes? Enjoy. :D

Tuli said...

You look stunning my dear ! I love the floral shirts, they're so cute :-) This line looks very beautiful ! So springy <3

Unknown said...

Thank you Jessica!! :) I hadn't heard of it either - I'm totally oblivious to this kind of stuff! It is nice to have new work clothes :) thanks again!!

Unknown said...

Kelsey - they did!!! you should have got some!! :)

Unknown said...

nihrida, I'm a lover of huge prints - and florals!! haha :) it's perfect for someone like me :) Thanks!!

Krystle, I'm a drawer too!! lol. Hope they get some in at your local Target soon - I read some articles about this stuff flying off the shelves like crazy!

Ice Queen, I'd love to do my room like this too!!! ahh!! it would be great! instead my bedroom is half workout room and not too fancy smancy at all. Thank you :):)

Tuli!! Good to hear from you!! Thank you so much!! I agree - very springy!!

Silvergirl said...

they are so cool :) and the blouse you bought, its very beautiful

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