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Read my review of all of Chobani's 11 awesome flavors, then learn how to enter to win a CHO-pack of your own!

Have you tried Greek yogurt yet?  I kept hearing about it but I was never really interested - I was happy with my standard yogurt rotation.  But while visiting my parents over winter break, I was coerced into trying Chobani Pineapple yogurt and it was HEAVEN.  Now I know why my mom stockpiles this stuff.  Plus, once I discovered how much protein each little 6 ounce cup packs Chobani, I was absolutely addicted.  Chobani Greek yogurts ROCK!

I'm obsessed with protein.  As a vegetarian, I've learned to really read labels and make sure I'm getting the nutrients I need each day, so I get pretty excited when something has a lot of protein (and by pretty excited I mean ECSTATIC).  Harvard University says that a 160 lb person should be getting 64 grams of protein daily.  That's a lot of protein!  I typically aim for 40-45 grams, and some days that is hard.  Enter Chobani.  I eat one for breakfast with a half of a bagel and some strawberries - there's 15 grams of protein (plus a whole grain and some fruit to boot!).  For snack, I grab another Chobani - I'm at 30 grams of protein already!  Typical yogurts pack about 5 grams of protein for the same size container as Chobani - which is 1/3 of the amount of protein in the average Chobani.  This is why I'm ecstatic :)

Chobani yogurts have:
*A whopping 14-17 grams of protein per 110-160 calorie cup
*5 live and active cultures to help with digestion
*NO bad-for-you synthetic growth hormones
*All real fruit!

Aside from scoring major points for providing boatloads of protein and still keeping it low cal, Chobani is delicious.  The super-sweet Shari at Chobani sent me all eleven of their awesome flavors to try, four of which were new to me!  They arrived on Thursday night and on Friday I had a Chobani for breakfast, lunch, and snack.  I'm a total addict.

Instead of working on my Master's thesis, I construct yogurt towers in my free time ;)
L-R, top to bottom:
Pineapple, Blueberry, 0% plain, Raspberry, Peach, Strawberry, Pineapple, Vanilla, 2% plain, Pomegranate, Honey, Strawberry Banana

So want to know what I thought of each awesome flavor?  Check it out:

Pineapple gets the top spot because it is my favorite Chobani!  I really did not think I was going to like this one (but like I said, it was forced on me by my worrywart mother - she worries more about my protein intake than I do!).  I've had other brands of pineapple yogurt before and I was always turned over by the artifical, overly-sweet flavor.  Chobani Pineapple blew me away.  If you like pineapple, you've got to try this yogurt.

I love Chobani's peach yogurt!  (Don't worry peach - you're tied with pineapple for first place).  I have a hard time finding good peach yogurt because so many taste chemically to me.  Chobani peach tastes GREAT - and it tastes real, like you're eating an actual peach.  Chobani peach is both my mom and sister's favorite too for a reason - it is really spectacular.  
Peach has chunks of real, solid peaches in a lightly (and naturally) flavored peach yogurt.  When I buy a CHO-pack, filled with 4 peach, 4 blueberry, and 4 strawberry, I totally hoard the peach until the end - I'm all about saving the best for last :)

Ok, I love blueberry too.  I tend to put my favorites at the beginning of lists, but this one was difficult because there wasn't a Chobani yogurt that I disliked (it's pretty hard to dislike a yogurt, isn't it?).  Blueberry has FULL SIZE blueberries - and lots of them!  It is a rather charming blueish purple once you mix it all together and it tastes just like blueberries and cream.  In my opinion, this is one of the most decadent tasting yogurts out there, but with 140 calories, 0 grams of fat, and 14 grams of protein, this treat is no where near being a diet wrecker.  Like pineapple and peach, I really, really love blueberry.  A lot.

Good ol' strawberry yogurt - it's a total classic.  And Chobani's strawberry is top notch.  With solid chunks of real strawberry (not some beat-to-a-pulp strawberry impersonator) it had a great flavor.  Nice and thick with plenty of fruit and fruity syrup to mix in.  I really love this one (and have quite a few in my fridge from the CHO-pack I got at BJs yesterday! yippee!).

This one surprised me!  At first I only liked (not loved) this one, but afterwards I found myself thinking about it a lot.  So I went and bought another one and really liked it.  It is tart, like a real pomegranate, plus it has the awesome pomegranate seeds that are so totally addictive.  If you like pomegranates, this yogurt is for you.  It is all the deliciousness of a pomegranate without the work!  This one is really good and VERY unique - you can't find another yogurt like this one out there!

I wasn't sure what to expect from honey flavored yogurt.  I like honey.  A lot.  I use it as a sweetener, because it is natural.  Chobani's honey yogurt had a very subtle, light honey flavor which was really nice without being overwhelming.  This one was super thick, which I love, and there was no fruit to mix it (I know some people get weirded out about mixing their yogurt.  If that's you, go for the Honey, Vanilla, or Plain!).  I think this would taste awesome with some apple slices dipped in it.

2% and 0% Plain
Yum!  Thick, creamy, plain yogurt.  What do you do with plain yogurt?  Mix it into a smoothie, or eat it with sliced peaches and strawberries.  Want to know what I did?  I used it as sour cream and it was GREAT.  It had the perfect tang (and tasted just like sour cream on top of beans and cheese) and was nice and thick.  Plus, it packs way more calcium than regular sour cream, with about the same amount of calories.  I used half of the container on one Mexican dish and half on the other.  (Check out photos at the end of the post).

Strawberry Banana
I do not like Strawberry Banana yogurt.  I do not like it on a plane, I do not like it in a train.  I do not like it with a fox - hey wait, I actually LIKED this strawberry banana yogurt!  Shocker of the century.  Like I said - not a fan of SB.  Usually.  But I gave this one a try - and loved it.  Why?  The banana flavor is more subtle, allowing the strawberry to actually shine through.  So many SB yogurts are like pink flavored banana.  This was true strawberry banana, probably because it is made with REAL fruit, unlike other yogurts.  And it was SO good, I actually went out and bought three more.  Yeah, I'm surprised too.

Chobani's raspberry yogurt tastes like, well, raspberries.  It does have seeds, and I know some people can be weird about seeds in their food (personally, I like it because then I know there is real fruit in there!).  This was slightly tart, like real raspberries, and very good.  I have always loved raspberries, ever since the day (at the age of about 4) I discovered a freshly picked carton in my grandmother's refrigerator and proceeded and eat the entire day's pickings while she was napping!  Since it is made with real raspberries, Chobani's raspberry tastes just like you'd expect - like the real deal.  And that is a delicious thing :)

Chobani's vanilla yogurt is fat free (see that big 0% on the front?  That means 0% fat), but it still tastes great.  Like the others, it was thick, rich, and creamy, and had an excellent vanilla flavor.  I'm a big fan of vanilla yogurt - as a child I ate it with rainbow sprinkles, as an adult I eat it with sliced strawberry or fresh blueberries.  I love how thick it is, because when I add some fruit, it becomes a totally decadent dessert, without the decadent calories!

I find super thick Chobani to be so much more satisfying than regular yogurt.

Left: Click to see that awesome protein, and to read all the natural ingredients that go into Chobani.
Right: Chobani 2% plain as sour cream!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

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