Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A few things I love and rarely mention

There are some things I really, really, really love that I don't talk about much on my blog.
Two of those things are:

1. Music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's.  Some people call this stuff "oldies."  For me, it is what I grew up on and what I prefer to listen to.  This is the kind of music I will never grow tired of.

2.  Fiestaware.  Brightly colored dishes.  Vintage or new.  Oh-so kitschy.  Very me.

Today lets talk about Fiestaware.  I love it.  Oh my goodness do I LOVE Fiestaware.  My mother is a fan of everything vintage.  She began collecting Fiesta a while back, but only introduced it as our main dining dishes when I was 17 or so (prior to that we used Dwarf Pine - adorable vintage dishes).  Fiesta grew on me, and I slowly began building a collection over the years.  I'd find an odd plate at a yardsale or a few coffee cups at antique stores.  My mother bought me some vintage pieces and some new.  I bought myself a few things off of ebay (always overpriced unfortunately).  I've been gifted some.  When J and I moved into our first place together in 2008, my Fiesta collection finally had a place to live - and it thrived.  I added some more during a great sale at Macy's a year ago (although many of the pieces I received were seconds - bad Macy's) and I was recently gifted some very vintage pieces.  I love my Fiesta :)  It is something my mom and I share, and also something that I feel really expresses me.  It is fun having multicolored dishes!  I just adore them.

Another things I adore?  I discovered that Zoya Tangy is a near dupe for Fiesta Lemongrass. Yippee!!

My coffee cup of Tropicana with some Tangy Lemongrass

Fiesta, I love you.  But I'm not loving the newest color.  That's ok - maybe next year will be better.  The 2010 Fiestaware color (available June 20, 2010) is Paprika, a burnt orange shade.  Gotta heart the name!

Hey, I talked about Fiesta a LONG while ago.  Want to see?  It was March 19, 2009 and I made a fabulous Fiestaware decoration :)

My first CD ever!!
Runaround Sue
I wish I knew where this CD is!

Paprika image copyright Homer Laughlin China 
Dion image copyright


Freckles said...

What's your favorite Fiesta color or do you mix and match them all?

Unknown said...

Nicci, I totally mix and match, but my favorites are:

Rose (I only have one Rose piece)
Lilac (I got a Lilac bowl for Christmas - my only piece!)
Sea Mist Green

I love having so many different colored plates and bowls :) I also have a few Peacock and Plum pieces (which I love also - I just tend to reach for the other colors more).

Are you a Fiesta lover? What is your favorite shade?

Lucy said...

I love that you've matched your nails! :-)

Green Stone said...

Those aren't oldies! I like oldies, but I listen to stuff from the 20s and 30s. :p

Great colour match, btw!

Polish Hoarder said...

Fiestaware is so pretty! My grandma collects it and has seriously almost ALL of the colors! Yellows, blues, greens, etc. It's fun during the holidays when all of the family is over. I rush to be the first in line so I can get a pretty color! I HATE eating off of an orange plate. I know. Weird.


Brooke, ALL of our dishes are Fiestaware! We love them too! Right now we have an assortment of basic white, cobalt blue, kelly green, and some berry shade. I'm not crazy about the Paprika shade either, but I'm definitely planned to add some teal to our collection in the future. So glad to find another enthusiast :)

Unknown said...

I had NO idea you were a Fiesta collector, Anne-Marie! How exciting! I love your color combinations - I don't have any of those shades (although I'd love some cobalt blue). It is fun to find a fellow Fiesta enthusiast :)

Ella Pretty Blog said...

I like collecting vintage pyrex - love the beautiful candy I can understand your love for fiesta ware!

Susie said...

I love oldies (50's and 60's)! :) I also love that nail polish. Nice,

Freckles said...

I actually don't have any. I'm currently a broke college student, but when I get married, I plan on asking for some. I think the colors are all beautiful, but I'm partial to the Shamrock, Plum, and Peacock.

I'm sure when I have the funds for it, I'll start collecting. For now I just drool over it when I'm in Macy's.

Anonymous said...

I love Dion, he's one of my favorites!!!! Michelle

Unknown said...

I have a ton of fiesta! i live less than an hour from the homer laughlin factory. you can go on a tour, and then you can buy factory seconds. my mom used to drag me there all the time when i was little!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness jbrobeck, I am so jealous!!! My mom and I have seriously considered making the trip to the factory but it would be about 5 hours... and with gas and hotels and food there totally wouldn't be any money saved. I wish I lived an hour away!! That is so cool!!! I'd love to see your collection :)

Unknown said...

EllaPretty, my mom has some vintage pyrex :) I love it!! That's cool you collect pyrex!! When we go to antique stores I always wish I had some.

Thanks Susie! Sounds like we have the same taste in music :)

Nicci, hope you get some when you get married!! It is so fun to collect :) Great colors that you have in mind!

Ahh, Michelle, so glad you love Dion too!!!! I was wondering if anyone would know who he is :)

Miss Vintage Vogue said...

Oh, girl, I ADORE oldies music and vintage dishes, too! Not necessarily Fiesta ware, but glass ware. So fun! :)

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ReaderRita said...

I've been a Fiesta collector since I was in high school! I knew I wanted it for when I moved out on my own, so I scoured the thrift stores. Back then you could still totally score on it!
I just love it- but I wanted to mention something somewhat important about vintage (30's-40's) Fiesta- the vintage "Fiesta Red" glaze color- (which is actually somewhat orange) has uranium oxide in it, and is radioactive. It was discontinued by Homer Laughlin around 1944.
It was brought back again in the 1950's, using depleted uranium, but it is still radioactive, and it's something you should know.
They recommend that it not be used for food storage, especially not with acidic foods, but maintain that even with a lifetime of use, it is safer than one x-ray.
But if you aren't loving radioactivity, or have certain health problems where you may want to avoid any extra radiation, this may be of concern for you.
So be armed with this information if you're buying!
Happy Fiesta hunting!
I have vintage Turquoise, Blue, Yellow, Medium Green, and Old Ivory.
Of the modern Fiesta I have: Turquoise, Chartreuse,
Persimmon, Sunflower, Shamrock, Cobalt, Scarlet, and Pearl Gray.
(and I must add that the color Chocolate is getting to be a lemming for me...) Yay!

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