Thursday, March 18, 2010


For those of you answering my desperate plea for help, I'm seeking a way to add a toolbar to the top of my blog (like under the header?).  I just want to make it easier to navigate this big ole Babbling Brooke mess.

Thank you for any help!!


Anonymous said...

I like the Free DHTML Menu Builder from Coffeecup for its flexibility and ease in making changes later. -JenB

Liz said...

If you upgrade to the new version of Blogger, you can get pages across the top. Once you've upgraded, you'll get a tab just like the one that says "edit posts" which says "edit pages" and you can add/edit pages there.

Eve said...

I have the thing that you're looking for! I can send you an email with the HTML code, and with the site where I got the layout from.

Unknown said...

Liz, who knew I could have just asked you for this info??? and who knew it was already on blogger?! lol. I really appreciate that you told me about that - thanks for being so knowledgeable :)

Thank you Y!! I really appreciate that you emailed me the html code! Luckily the blogger one is working pretty well :) I appreciate it!!

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