Friday, March 12, 2010

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

Juice Beauty sent me a sample of their new Green Apple Peel to try out.  I've got to say - I was a little hesitant.  First of all, I'm not a fan of anything 'green apple' scented.  Second, a good peel is VERY hard to find, and I've tried some duds recently.  But Juice's Green Apple Peel blew me away.

First of all, there is NO green apple smell at all (YES!).  Nope - this is not 'green apple scent' - it is actually MADE with green apples.  The very first ingredient?  Organic apple juice.  Awesome :)

Second, this peel actually did something!  So many peels leave me feeling like I just wasted my time.  Not so with Juice's Green Apple Peel.  I could actually feel it working with a slight warm, tingling sensation.  Once I washed it off, my skin was smooth, soft, and moisturized.  This is the most effective peel I have ever tried.

What I love about Juice's Green Apple Peel:

*It shrunk my pores!  I despise with my enlarged pores.  Caused by either genetics or all that tanning I used to do or a combo of both, I hate the pores near my nose.  They make me angry.  I used Juice's Green Apple Peel with no expectations for pore shrinkage, so I was SHOCKED when after even the first use my pores were noticeably smaller.  OMG!  The package says that it "visibly improves skin tone and texture" but it doesn't say anything specifically about pores.  This Green Apple Peel has shrunk my pores more than any other product (or at least made them less noticeable).  And this makes me happy.  INCREDIBLY happy.

*It made my skin super smooth.  After washing it off, my skin felt much smoother and softer than prior to the peel.  It was moisturized and fresh looking.  I looked healthy and revitalized! (No longer stressed, tired, and winter-blasted).

*The ingredients are real.  Like I said, the first ingredient is organic apple juice.  This is followed by lemon juice, white grape juice, organic milk, and organic aloe, in that order.  I like being able to look at a list of ingredients and actually understanding what is in there.  Juice's Green Apple Peels is made with real stuff - stuff you could eat!

What I love about Juice Beauty:

*All Juice Beauty products are made with all organic ingredients.  That means you're only putting good-for-you, natural stuff on your skin.  And seeing as how everything you put on your skin sinks into YOU, why would you ever want to put chemicals on your body? (Skin absorbs up to 64% of what you put on it).  They use a 100% juice base, making the organic content up to 98%.

*Juice Beauty NEVER tests on animals.  Animal testing is EXTREMELY inhumane, inaccurate, and outdated - yet many companies still test their products and/or ingredients on animals.  Juice Beauty never tests any products or ingredients on animals; they are totally cruelty-free.  And that is something I REALLY love.  All Juice Beauty products are also 100% vegetarian, which is good for us veggies!

*Juice Beauty is committed to the environment.  They use recycled packaging and soy ink, and 80% of their products are manufactured using solar power.  As an environmental nut who grew up in a solar powered house, this makes me really happy.  More companies need to follow Juice's environmental initiative!

*All of their products are powerful and safe, since they are made without parabens, propylene, butylene glycols, petroleum, sulphates, PEGs, TEA. SEA, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes, and artificial fragrances.

How do you use it?

Pretty easy.  Just apply a generous amount to your face and neck.  Leave it on for about ten minutes (or until it dries) then just wash it off.

Where can I get it?

The sample size I got is .25 fl. oz and it lasted me through 6 full-face 'generous' applications.  The full-sized version retails for $45 and contains 2 fl. oz.  Check it out here or visit to see the entire Green Apple line and to see their other organic products!

Want to give it a try without the big commitment?  The sample size will give you at least 6 full (generous) applications for only $5!

Product provided by the company for review purposes.  No compensation received.  


Eve said...

nice post! I was just visiting thier website and I think that I might order this. I personally like the green apple smell though, becuase I like green apple jolly ranchers. I'm also having a blog contest, if you are interested (

Skulda said...

Hi! Thanks for sharing this, I'll check them out.

L said...

I love this stuff but I havent used in a year. Need to re-up!

Unknown said...

Y - my fiance loves green apple scented stuff too. Some of the other products in the line may be more fragrant - this is the only one I tried. Thanks for letting me know about your giveaway!

Skulda, thanks for letting me know, and thanks for checking it out!

L, glad you love Juice Beauty! I'm a new Juice lover - what have you tried that you would recommend? I'm all for organic beauty!

Kathy said...

Interesting product. I may have to try this out. I'm quite "pore-y" so....:(

Unknown said...

Ugh, don't you hate being 'pore-y'? at least we can wear makeup to disguise them - my fiance is always saying how jealous he is that I can wear makeup to cover up blemishes, etc., and he can't, lol.

Anonymous said...

I love this stuff! I actually came across it due to being a member of one of those beauty sample sites. I too am cursed with those large pores... right on my nose.. EWW!

I love the fact that you can buy a sample size of this for $5 to give it a try and it's suited for sensitive skin because it's made with natural ingredients.

If any of you are interested in giving it a try I highly suggest giving it a try like Brooke says it's wonderful!

I found a link directly to the $5 sample for anyone curious about giving it a try without full commitment to the product size

Unknown said...

Thanks for the link!! I couldn't find the $5 sample size anywhere! Glad it has worked so well for you too :D

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