Thursday, March 25, 2010

Polish Tripping - Hong Kong to Japan!

My trip from Hong Kong to Japan

Seeing as how I am utterly (and totally unreasonably) terrified of airplanes, I will probably never travel to Hong Kong or Japan.  Or Ireland.  Or Kenya.  Or California.  Or the Carribbean (although I could take a very long boat ride there).  Yes, I am not much of a world traveler.  But recently I've been getting some very worldly polishes.  Jacie at You've Got Nail sent me four polishes allll the way from Australia that I won in her giveaway (I've already worn three and I'm just waiting for a chance to wear the fourth so I can post all the beautiful pictures of them - I am OBSESSED with one of them!).  My friend Necromancer also lives in Australia and she's shared some stunning pictures and polishes.  Lets add Australia to my list of places I'd love to visit and probably never will.  Then my friend Kathy sent me a boatload of polishes all the way from Oklahoma - another far, far away place that probably requires a plane to get to (although I could always drive that distance!).  Well today I got another worldly package - all the way from the Netherlands!  I won Witoxicity's KOH giveaway back in early February, but the package has been floating around somewhere in mail transit between the Netherlands and MD since February 15!  I had given it up for lost, so I was shocked when I pulled it out of my mailbox this afternoon.

As someone who has traveled so little, I find it really, really cool getting things from other countries.  I love how the postage is different and I like looking at the package and imagining how far it has traveled and how many hands it has passed through to reach me.  I like knowing that the polishes were once in another country - because for someone who has never ever left the United States, it is really awesome knowing that even if I haven't left little ole Maryland in months, I am able to hold something that came from a beautiful and far away country.

KOH Black Stars & OPI Red My Fortune Cooke with Konad m73

Since there is so little travel going on in my life, I decided to give my digits the chance to feel a little worldly charm.  I began by painting my nails with OPI's Red My Fortune Cookie, that awesome red from the new Hong Kong collection.  Then I did some Konading!  I used my new m73 plate with this cool design that reminded me of bamboo with my new KOH polish in Black Stars (stunning!).  This is the first time I have ever Konaded with a glittery polish, and it worked pretty well.  This is also my first time using a KOH polish.  KOH is designed to capture the beauty of Japan, and Black Stars nailed it.

I wish you could see the glitter in the Konad design better - I was having trouble photographing it (perhaps because it is dark, dreary, and rainy outside.  Boo Maryland).

KOH Black Stars
Then because I couldn't resist, I went ahead and just painted Black Stars right over my manicure.  This color is just AMAZING.  It totally deserves a much better manicure than what I just did.  This was just one coat (on top of two coats of Red My Fortune Cookie) with no top coat.  It is so deep - look at that glitter!  It has tons of rainbow colored fine glitter, and then big chunks of copper glitter set against a black base.  I wish the rainbow glitter would show up in the picture.  A nice, blurry shot would be good for this one.  This is a very unique shade.  I love it!!

Another thing I love?  My well-traveled visitors!!  Those white, green, and red dots represent where my last 100 visitors hail from.  Look how worldly you all are!!!  I think this is so cool :)

Thanks for checking out my travels :)  It's been fun visiting Hong Kong and Japan - even if my nails were the only ones who took the trip.

What country would you LOVE to visit?


ANSTAH said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! Worldly polishes for the win! I'm actually going on vacation in a few months and I can't wait to find a few hidden gems when I get there! Have fun with all your new polishes!!!

Tierney said...

I was terrified of planes for a long time. I finally went on one 3 years ago to go to Disneyland and I had random moments where I was scared.. but instead I focused on yay I'm going to Disneyland! Same thing happened a year after that. Haha. I hate the take-offs and landings though.

The country I have always wanted to visit is Ireland. My uncle is always lecturing me about how I need to start planning it and make it happen. I will someday!

Linnie said...

That Koh is very Nice!!!
* adds to wishlist :D

I'm going to NY City next month and it's my first trip to America, so very excited :D

I also love Japan and Scandinavia, but have never been there...

Skulda said...

That KOH is awesome!! *looks it up*

Akuma Kanji said...

The nail polishes are very beautiful. Congratulations!
Don't say that, you will visit every country you want in the world... all it takes is your will ^__^

Green Stone said...

I love flying, though I kind of have no choice, since I pretty much have to take at least a half-dozen flights every year. It's the airports that I hate.

Great colours, I love the subtle red details!

Unknown said...

Tierney, that is really good to hear. J is trying very hard to coerce me to go on a plane to some far away island this summer - and I feel like it would be INSANE to turn down a paid for trip to some island, but I'm also terrified of flying (well, I guess I'm more terrified of crashing...). I just need to get over that fear! argh!
Ireland is my #1 spot too - I'd love to go there :) My Mom went when she was pregnant with me and I would love to go there with her now that I'm an adult :) You should go sometime! and then talk me through the plane flight :) haha

Thank you so much Linnie!!! and have an INCREDIBLE time in NY!!! It is such a huge city (I have only been once myself, although I've driven through it many times). That will be a fun trip for you :) I'd love to hear all about it!

Thanks Skulda!!!

Thank you Kanji :) and I agree - I should be more positive like you! :)

Kate, you've picqued my interest! Why so much flying? That is a lot! And I agree - those airports are AWFUL. The worst one I've ever seen was somewhere in NC (Green something maybe?). The best was in Georgia - it was so small, adorable (decorated like a train station), and not busy at all!

Witoxicity said...

Lovely mani with the OPI! And wow, Black Stars looks even better on your nails than in the bottle! :D I'm so happy that you love your prize. I do wonder now if it might have travelled the wrong (and long) way round the world to get to you, but phew, it got there in the end!

Have a lovely Friday! :)

-Diana- said...

It looks really nice :)

Unknown said...

i really love your nails! i have no idea how to use the nail plates, but the patterns on ur nails look really cool :P

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