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Soft Paws

Soft Paws

Grace sporting her Soft Paws - 6 weeks after application!

Soft Paws are the first humane alternative to declawing.  I've always been against declawing.  It is horribly inhumane and unnatural.  In fact, in most European countries, declawing is illegal!  (Europeans are always more forward thinking than us).  Now people are lobbying to make declawing illegal, beginning in California.  Soft Paws is on the forefront of this initiative, working to ban declawing altogether.  This is because cat's nails are part of their bone.  When a cat is declawed, the lowest joint on each of their toes is completely amputated.  This is obviously extremely painful.  Imagine having to walk around after having your toes cut off.  Painful, right?

My sister recently became the owner of a declawed kitten named Kobe.  After a 21 college student adopted Kobe from an animal rescue this past October, he had him immediately declawed.  Then a week later, he asked my sister to 'petsit' him.  Well, needless to say, he never came back for his kitten.  We watched poor Kobe attempting to jump, run, climb, and claw.  He slipped off of everything he tried to jump onto, he was totally unable to climb and play, and he quickly developed a habit of biting (many cats that are declawed resort to biting in their frustration). He often acts as if his feet hurt him, holding one up at a time when he is sitting down or crying out when someone touches them.  

Seeing poor Kobe suffering through this reminded me of Soft Paws, a product I had heard of years before but had never tried.  I mentioned it to J and he responded quite well.  (Something along the lines of: "Something like that exists?  We need to get it - now!").  J likes/tolerates my our cats, often saying, "I'd like them much more if they weren't destroying my furniture."  And they certainly do tear his furniture apart.  His office chair is rippled with cat claws, the sides and back of our couch are pilling from cat play, and they once went to town tearing apart one of his ties.  

So I decided to give Soft Paws a try!

 Instead of inhumanely removing claws, you can cover them with Soft Paws.  Soft Paws cover the nail with a rubber sheath, making it so that cats can still detract claws but they cannot scratch.  They were invented by a veterinarian and have been on the market for twenty years now.  They have even been featured on ABC's 20/20 as a safe alternative to declawing.  The cap adheres to the nail for about 4-6 weeks at a time.  
Soft Paws should of course only be used on indoor-only house cats.  Because Soft Paws cover the claw, outdoor cats will be unable to defend themselves with their claws.

The Soft Paws kit comes with 40 nail caps (in all kinds of colors - I chose pink!), or enough for 4 nail applications for one cat.  One pack will last about 4-6 months for one cat.  It also comes with two tubes of adhesive, applicator tips, and instructions.  I watched the instructional video before I gave it a go with my mellow cat, Chloe.  The video can be found at the instructions page.
I invited my mom over to help me put them on.  She held Chloe while I trimmed each of her toe nails, then I put a drop of glue inside each pink cap and, extending her nails, gently pressed a cap onto each one.  It was SO MUCH EASIER than I was expecting it to be - and it was over in 5 minutes!  

I decided to try Grace next.  She is my rowdiest cat and she is one wiggly worm.  It was a little more difficult, but overall went really well.

Chloe wearing Soft Paws

Grace wearing Soft Paws

No more scratching!
But she still bites, haha.

Chloe wearing Soft Paws

J now notices all the damage the kitties have done to his furniture over the years (although he doesn't seem to mind the fact that he has spilled cheese fondue, beer, tomato sauce, red wine... the list could go on and on, on his precious sofa).  So now that the kitties are Soft Pawed, he wants me to buy him new furniture.  HA!

But he is completely and totally in love with the Soft Paws.  He has shown much more interest in Chloe and has actually gone out of his way to pet her, hold her, and let her sit in his lap (before he complained that her nails hurt too much).

I adore Soft Paws.  I have been SO IMPRESSED by how well they have protected the furniture, plus, the cats don't mind them at all!  There hasn't been a single downside.

Soft Paws cost $18.95 for 40 nail caps and can be purchased directly from
They come in a boatload of colors, such as green, grey, red, and color combos, like black/pink, red/green, and even sports team colors!

Check out the gallery of adorable kitties sporting their Soft Paws HERE.

Have you tried Soft Paws?  Or do you know someone who may be interested?  Consider spreading the word!  Soft Paws are humane and kitty-friendly, plus super cute.  Hopefully we can work towards a future where declawing is illegal here in the US.   

Thanks for reading!!


Kelsey said...

Awww Grace looks so cute! And Chloe, as always, is adorable! I've got to try those soft paws out on Peanut... though it might be dangerous trying to restrain her and put them on ;)

L said...

Wow! Sending this link to my sister in law.

Lissi said...

AND... It looks like they have cute little pink manicures. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wow they look so cute! Another use would be if you have two indoor cats that don't get along. You could be sure they wouldn't claw each others eyes out when you aren't home. Michelle

SeeingSunshine said...

What a wonderful solution! I wish there was something out there to help kitties that have already been declawed though :[

Skulda said...

I'm glad you posted this!
My husband and I have been wanting to get Soft Paws for a while, and he even used them on his cat because he moved here. We have 4 cats. It's pretty obvious looking at our furniture. >.<

SailorWifey said...

So cute! I'm totally against declawwing, but haven't bought soft paws yet although I keep saying I'm going to. I like that they look like the cats have mani'

♥ SailorWifey

Tuli said...

This was very useful ! Thank you for sharing :-)))

Rhea said...

I am absolutely against declawing! It's disgusting that people even THINK about declawing their pets, it's inhuman >(
Thanks for sharing this.

Linnie said...

I really like it! Love the pink with grey :D
Great alternative! I don't understand why people are still declawing!!!

Miss Jeanett said...

Hahaha that looks so cute - like they have nailpolish on.


nihrida said...

Yeah... My cats are outdoor/indoor animals, and they need their claws. I'd never put these on their nails.
But then again...I DO live in Europe.

Akuma Kanji said...

Brilliant idea! Poor Kobe :( But now he is ok thanks to you! Lovely the way it fits like a manicure. I wonder if you ever thought of painting them with nail polish to change the colour of the caps. It would be ridiculously cool! In my opinion, of course ;)

polishedlyrics said...

These are great! I use them on Orton sometimes...I'm going to start them up again here soon so he doesn't shred my screen door since we just moved.

I had no idea declawing was so painful for a kitty till my friend filled me in, and as much as Orton claws Michael, me and our furniture I'm just not comfy doing that to my baby so soft paws it is!

Kelsey said...

Awww I agree with SeeingSunshine! I wish I could give my declawed cat, Kobe, back his claws. He was declawed just two weeks before I got him, I could have saved him :( Guilt!
But he is a very sweet cat and one in very few that didn't seem to be affected emotionally by the declawing. Its still sad to see him slip off the bed when he doesn't jump high enough and can't hold on. DON'T DECLAW!!!

Kelsey said...

Oh and I just realized that Brooke already told you about my Kobe! :)

Libbeh said...

Too cute!! It looks like they're wearing pink nail polish! :)

WizardsOfBling said...

Very cool! Cats live much longer and healthier live if they are indoor only and this is a great way to help with the clawing problem. This would also be great if you are introducing a new pet into a house with a cat as a cat fight or a cat scraching the tar out of a dog can mean a trip to the Vet. Americans are notorious for being inventive in Pet care. We have more Pets per person than any other nation. We are suckers for Fur Babies! :)

Bunny Masseuse said...

My adopted son-kitty (BH's cat) was declawed and still almost 10 yrs later acts as if his paws hurt him, won't let you grab/hold his back or front ones, and is only now with my help trying to be broken from being foot shy.

I trimmed my 2 kitties every time it was needed, up until one died recently and still do it with my baby boy. I started them young, so they argue less when the time comes... should have done the same with brushing but that will have to work on the NEXT kittens/cat I have in the future.

Unknown said...

Bunny, I am so sorry about your recent loss :( That can be so hard. I hope you and BH are doing alright.

That is very interesting about BH's cat (your adopted son-kitty - they really are like our children!). I am amazed that after 10 years he still acts like his paws hurt him. That is something we are still noticing in Kobe 6 months after he was declawed - I can't believe it still hurts him. That just shows how much pain declawing inflicts on cats.

That is great you trimmed their claws regularly. My younger cats are great about having their nails trimmed (my mom is obsessed with trimming cats nails, she she'll come over and trim them with me), but my two older cats go nuts. Oh brushing - even worse than nail trimming!! lol.

Thanks for sharing, Bunny!! I love hearing from you :)

Anonymous said...

Declawing?! I have never heard of such a bizzare thing!! What kind of insane person could do that to an animal? I think if you are getting a cat you should teach the cat to scratch on a place ment to be used for that purpose. It's not so hard really. and theese little soft paw things sound pretty convienent but i still think that a cat is better of left alone (not declawing or putting some rubber stuff on its claws)...

notesfromnadir said...

I'm so glad that declawing is eventually going to be made illegal and hopefully stopped.

Soft Paws sounds like a great alternative. But how do boy cats feel about wearing pink? Shouldn't they come in different colors? I think some cats might be more partial to certain colors -- just like people! :)

Unknown said...

Nadir, they actually do come in TONS of colors - I can't believe I forgot to say that!! I chose pink because my kitties are girls and I'm partial to pink, but they come in EVERY color imaginable and in some color combos too!! :D

LadyLuck said...

Hahaha ur cat look adorable and sexy with those pink nails! I have 3 female cats but outdoor and indoor and even if they were only indoor, i wouldn't remove those small claws. I love cat and now3 I'm loving yours.

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