Monday, March 8, 2010

A Tangy Great Day!

Here is my bright, springy manicure I did yesterday afternoon.  I finally got Zoya Tangy from the Green Friday thing (hey, better late than never, right?), so I tried it out with a China Glaze 2030 Konad design.  I thought the gold tones in Tangy came out really nicely with 2030 over it.

Zoya Tangy with China Glaze 2030 and Konad m65
I only used two coats of Tangy and as you can see it is a little sheer - three or four would have been better.  2030 worked well as a stamping polish and I really like this plate!

Tangy is a yellowish green (as opposed to a greenish yellow) with some flecks of gold microglitter.  I really like it, although when I was rinsing lettuce earlier I noticed that Tangy looks a LOT like romaine.


Paige said...

It sounds like you had an awesome day! It's so great that the boxer was reunited with its family, boxers hold a special place in my heart. :)

DistantDreamer said...

Your story made my day, I love a happy ending. And you undoubtedly made their day as well.

I love your nails! Tangy looks great!

Unknown said...

New picture giledangel! I like it! I agree - it was such a sweet, adorable boxer (although aren't they all?). I was really happy to see it going back home - and to a good home too!

aww, thanks Distant Dreamer! I'm a sucker for happy endings too :) Thanks about the nails too!! ps: let me know when you get your polishes! I really hope I packaged them well enough. I dropped and broke a polish for the first time yesterday - I had never realized how fragile they are :(

kelsealaurel said...

Cute! I have Tangy in my untried pile from the 6 Free Zoya's Green Friday thingy. I need to get around to it!

I love the distinction between green yellow and yellow green. =D

Tierney said...

Awhh, I am so glad you helped that dog!! Thats really great.

& I love that color!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Kelsea! I have a bit of an untried pile going on too... so many of them I feel like I can only wear on weekends because I have this silly idea of 'work appropriate' polish being only pinks... lol. BTW, let me know when you get your goodies! :)

Thanks Tierney! I'm glad too - I'm such a sap for pets!

Green Stone said...

Wow, that is a GREAT colour. I'd love to find a blouse in that exact shade to match the nails!

nihrida said...

I'm glad to hear you had a great day and that you're getting better.
Thanks for stopping and taking your time to rescue that dog! You're an angel! (((hugs)))

polishedlyrics said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad you found the owners and the family was back together again. I know Orton is my baby and I can't imagine not having him with me, he's family plain and simple.

Your nails look wonderful! Glad you're feeling better.

Stephanie said...

I looooove Tangy. It makes me feel happy wearing it. It's so glowy.

april brooks said...

So glad to know there are people like you out in the world!

Kelsey said...

:) what a great, cheerful post! It was a lovely day :) And tomorrow will be even nicer! Though I'm sure the eight hours of class will certainly change that for me haha
I'm glad you rescued the dog! I'm sure they were very grateful :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Kate!! I actually discovered that it matches some of my Fiestaware dishes too - and I would LOVE to have a shirt in that color!!

Aww, thanks Nihrida :)

Jessica, I'm the same way!! I don't know what I'd do without my pets!

Stephanie - I agree, it's such a happy color!

Aww, thanks April :)

It really was Kelsey!! yeah - I think working um, 3 different jobs tomorrow will ruin that for me too. yuck. lol. but honestly I still think 3 jobs is better than 8 hours of class!!

polishedprude said...

Reuniting a pooch with his family is a wonderful way to start the day. Give you the warm fuzzies. :)

Nail-Design said...

aaaw, you're such an angel rescuing a dog like that! I bet the family were really grateful for you.

The mani you did have a great spring feeling to it that I love! I just wish that all this snow would go away quickly :D

Nessa said...

That's so fantastic that the dog ended up being found and you rescued her. I would hope that if I ever lost my dogs that someone would do the same for me, too.
Such a bright mani, love it!

Kathy said...

I saw a dog once in a shopping area by the freeway and it was soooo friendly. It was wagging its tail and I was petting it and we thought maybe someone else would get the dog but then when we started to walk away, it started heading towards the freeway. I was running after it yellong "Noooo! Come back!" and manaed to get to her. I sent my BF to PetSmart (it was in the shopping center we were at) and he borrowed a leash and came to me saying that the manager said they'd take it in. I thought that was really nice of the manager as the few places we though of taking the dog to were closed.

Glad you're feeling better!

Angie | said...

great green look! my favourite colour :)

your blog's name is uber cute too

- Angie

Unknown said...

I totally agree Polished Prude :)

Nail Design, I agree - it is crazy that there is still snow on the ground, isn't it? Thanks for the compliment!!

Aww, Kathy, that is so sweet! I'm glad you did something - and that is great that Petsmart helped out. We need more people that are proactive like you!!

Thanks Angie - and thank you!! You're the first person who has ever complimented my blog name - I totally appreciate it!

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