Sunday, March 28, 2010

To infinity - and beyond!

I had dinner with a friend last weekend who turned to me and said, "So, what are your plans for the future of your blog?"

Plans?  Huh?

The truth?  I don't have any plans to deviate from what I'm doing.  I'm loving what I'm doing.  I'm loving blogging, and polishing, and trying new things.  I loving sharing my life with you - and hearing all about yours!  I'm loving it all.

But my friend's question got me thinking.  Should I have future plans?  I decided I'd focus on that 'future planning' (blog and life) for that glorious point in my life when my graduate thesis is over.

Although perhaps you can tell me what YOU want to see here.  What do you love about Babbling Brooke?  What should I keep doing?  And what should I change?  And what do you want to see me start doing?  I value your opinions - a lot!  My readers help shape this blog, and your opinions mean a lot to me.  So if you have a minute, let me know what you see in Babbling Brooke's future.  Because we might just be able to make that happen :)

Thanks everyone!


Krystle said...

Personally I love the way you're blog is now. After reading your about me page I see why you are so great at writing your posts. I'm a scientist and am completely devoid of writing talent. It took me an entire day plus lots of help from a friend to right a job application cover letter the other day, so well done you for what you do. :D and keep up the good work.

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) said...

That is a hard question and one I've been asked too. Why do people always assume everything you do must have a higher goal or must lead to something? What happened to just having fun?

I don't plan on becoming the biggest blog out there. All that mandatory swatching of new collections would suck all the fun out of it.

I don't plan on going professional or earning money from my blog. I have work for that, this is hobby!

I do plan on blogging as long as it's still fun.

If I set any goals for myself blogwise it's to do more giveaways because I think those are a great way of giving back to the people that follow me but only if and when I can afford it and again, only so long as it's fun for me.

So my tip: just keep doing what you are doing as long as you like doing it!

Unknown said...

Krystle, what a sweet compliment! Thank you!! Oh goodness - I struggle with cover letters too - I made my mom, my fiance, and my sister all proofread my most recent cover letter. Those things are intimidating! I hope you get an interview :D

Kirsten, great advice, and I enjoy reading your goals too!! and yes - fun is the most important thing :) Because this is a hobby :) And I have fun reading your blog too! Thanks for the advice and input!

Liz said...

Brooke, I wonder if your friend might have asked you this because your blog has changed its focus a bit lately. When I first started reading, you were doing nail polish posts exclusively, and now you have taken on a much broader scope.

I think the commenter above makes a good point-- it's your blog, so you should continue posting whatever you want to share. For my part, I hope you'll continue posting nail polish swatches, because that's what got me hooked on your blog to begin with. I do like that your blog roll lists a lot of different places I can find swatches, since I know it must be hard to post a different polish swatch every day.

And one more thing, since you're asking for suggestions: I really liked the "14 days of february pinks" series- I was excited to see what mani you'd come up with each day. Since I am still attached to my taupes, I'd love to see you do a "welcome spring" type series with brighter colors that might inspire me to leave behind the dark shades and embrace some bright ones! Or maybe get your readers to submit their favorite spring polishes, kind of like you did for the cherry blossom contest.

Unknown said...

Have I? I don't think I've so much changed the focus as I've haven't had enough time to polish lately. And this was never a polish-only blog. I had wanted to do a spring series, but I just don't have the time anymore to paint my nails a new color every day. I also haven't purchased very many new polishes lately because I can't afford any (and I've almost swatched the gamut of my collection!). I am planning on posting some bright, spring colors later on this week as well as a new spring collection, and in the summer, I will be posting new designs and hopefully series more frequently. I always have a new color on every Tuesday and Thursday though, so I always will have those to post :) Thanks for your input!

Mel said...

As the friend who asked (I think this is talking about me!!! I feel famous!!!) it was because I was impressed by how many followers Babbling Brooke has gotten! A few of my other friends have blogs, but none have taken off the way this one has! I also asked because you do SO many different jobs, I was wondering if there was a way you could make some spare change off the blog!

Also as a reader I love that you talk about lots of different things (it does seem like it has been less nail polish-y lately...but I mean that in a good way). I would say make sure to keep up with the nail related posts (since most of your readers probably like nail polish a lot more than me), but keep the variety in there. Also the contests are a great way to keep it nail related without buying new polishes.

I think the tabs you've added have been a GREAT improvement organizationally. Definitely keep up the giveaways - they are your best way to draw people in (and you do a great job on capitalizing on them by allowing multiple entries for re-posts).

This is such a long comment, I feel like BabblingMelanie today!

Akuma Kanji said...

If you are thinking about making this blog for a living, you have to think about some more ideas... search what could be an opportunity for it (You know the movie Julie and Julia???? It all started with a blog!)
If you want it just to amuse yourself and other, I think it's perfect ;) At least it amuses me. Your life is way more moved than mine... but then again, I'm not working and I have no money XD I love your blog and your babblings! :P ah.. and your pets are adorable :)

Jana said...

Brooke, yours is the first blog I read each day! I started coming for the nail polish swatches but I love reading about your cats and the other aspects of your life as well. I don't think you need to change anything that you're doing (at least in my humble opinion). You have a really unique voice and it's cool to see the different things that interest you in addition to the nail polish part of the blog! :)

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